"Fury of the Five-In-One Foe!": When a mysterious criminal disguised as a lumberjack strikes in New Carthage, Robin is joined by Harlequinn and together they stop the criminal, although they fail to capture him.

Appearing in "Fury of the Five-In-One Foe!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Five-In-One Foe (a.k.a. Galloping Ghost, Lazer-Razer and Johnny G.I.) (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Faraday (Single appearance)
  • Leslie Tauburn (Single appearance)(On a TV or computer screen)



Synopsis for "Fury of the Five-In-One Foe!"

When a mysterious criminal disguised as a lumberjack strikes in New Carthage, Robin is joined by Harlequinn and together they stop the criminal, although they fail to capture him.

In the same fashion, Batgirl stops a criminal on a train, which is being used as a decoy to transport a convict. Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department are also present when Batgirl stops the criminal, who is disguised as a special G.I. Soldier. Despite being outnumbered and defeated, the criminal manages to escape.

The next day, Dick Grayson and Lori Elton visit Barbara Gordon and her father on her apartment in Washington, D.C. While they watch the TV, they notice another criminal on a red costume attacking a beauty contest. The criminal is confronted and stopped by Betty Kane, the original Bat-Girl, but Dick and Barbara notice a similar pattern in the criminals' modus operandi. They both deduce that it is the same criminal that they failed to capture on previous occassions and they prepare a trap to capture the criminal once and for all.

Using a few clues they found about the criminal, Batgirl and Robin track the man to his apartment and confront him, finally ending his evil scheme which consisted on attacking government officials while operating under different names, with different costumes and weapons.

In the aftermath, Batgirl and Robin share a burger while doing their usual flirtatious routine.

Appearing in "Bulls-Eye for Murder!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Randy Markos, aka The Shotgun Sniper (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Sheri (Single appearance)
  • Mike (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Bulls-Eye for Murder!"

Man-Bat and Jason Bard fight each other, thinking that their opponent is the Shotgun Sniper, unaware that the real killer is about to kill Francine. Man-Bat saves Francine by accident when he gets in the way of the bullet and then, he finally realizes that Bard is not the killer. Francine then tells him about the Shotgun Sniper victims' connection with her own past and Man-Bat goes out looking for the killer, but is only able to locate Bard, who is entering a diner.

When Man-Bat enters the place to talk to Bard, he spots the killer behind Bard, ready to kill the detective. Man-Bat saves Bard's life and during the ensuing struggle, Man-Bat and Bard team-up to stop and capture the killer. Moments later, the New York City Police Department arrive and Captain Daniels is glad to give Bard the entire reward for capturing the criminal. However, Bard only accepts on the condition that half of the money is given to Man-Bat and Daniels reluctantly agrees.

At that moment, Man-Bat's beeper is activated and he returns home as fast as he can. He gives Francine the news that he captured the killer along with Bard and that the criminal's identity is Randy Markos, one of Francine's former boyfriends. However, Robert's good news are bleak in comparison to the news Francine has for him as she feels that it's time for their son to be born.


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  • The Gotham Gazette on the first story has a headline that reads "Batman Nabs Mad Hatter". This is a reference to the events that take place in Batman #297.

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