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Batman Jones was named in honor of the Caped Crusader, who had years before used the Batmobile to save the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Jones when the brakes on their car failed when they were driving their newborn son home from the hospital. Batman Jones grew up with Batman as his idol and because the Caped Crusader never accepted rewards for helping people out, these gifts – presents or money – would be sent to the Jones family instead.

Jones tried to become a crime-fighter like Batman, but thankfully for the Dynamic Duo, Batman Jones soon switched to a new hobby, stamp collecting, after having discovered and become engrossed in a stamp exhibit at a hobby show, and cleared out all his Batman-related paraphernalia.


  • Homemade Batman costume
  • Homemade Bat-Signal (used by his mother to call him home)


  • Bat-Cycle (a customized bicycle)



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