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Batman (1992 TV Series)
This page contains a list of all episodes in the television series.
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Executive Producers

Country of origin
United States of America

Warner Brothers

Total Episodes

First Aired
Last Aired

September 5, 1992
September 16, 1995

Batman: The Animated Series is an animated series that ran from 1992 to 1995. The series was based on the exploits of Batman and his crusade against injustice. It was arguably a children's show, yet its dark atmosphere and award-winning writing grew a more mature fanbase. The show is based in modern-day Gotham City, a dark, gothic, crime-ridden area. In 1994 the series was retitled The Adventures of Batman & Robin. It now focused more on Robin in an attempt to appeal to children. The rename and inclusion of Robin did not adversely affect the writing and the series bowed out in September 1995.

After the popularity of Superman: The Animated Series, producers were asked to do more Batman episodes, which resulted in The New Batman Adventures.

Principal Cast

Recurring Guest Cast


Season One

  1. The Cat and the Claw, Part I
  2. On Leather Wings
  3. Heart of Ice
  4. Feat of Clay, Part I
  5. Feat of Clay, Part II
  6. It's Never too Late
  7. Joker's Favor
  8. The Cat and the Claw, Part II
  9. Pretty Poison
  10. Nothing to Fear
  11. Be a Clown
  12. Appointment in Crime Alley
  13. P.O.V
  14. The Clock King
  15. The Last Laugh
  16. Eternal Youth
  17. Two-Face, Part I
  18. Two-Face, Part II
  19. Fear of Victory
  20. I've Got Batman in My Basement
  21. Vendetta
  22. Prophecy of Doom
  23. The Forgotten
  24. Mad as a Hatter
  25. The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
  26. Perchance to Dream
  27. The Underdwellers
  28. Night of the Ninja
  29. The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
  30. Tyger, Tyger
  31. Dreams in Darkness
  32. Beware the Gray Ghost
  33. Cat Scratch Fever
  34. I Am the Night
  35. Almost Got 'Im
  36. Moon of the Wolf
  37. Terror in the Sky
  38. Christmas with the Joker
  39. Heart of Steel, Part I
  40. Heart of Steel, Part II
  41. If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
  42. Joker's Wild
  43. His Silicon Soul
  44. Off Balance
  45. What is Reality?
  46. The Laughing Fish
  47. Harley and Ivy
  48. The Mechanic
  49. The Man Who Killed Batman
  50. Zatanna
  51. Robin's Reckoning, Part I
  52. Birds of a Feather
  53. Robin's Reckoning, Part II
  54. Blind as a Bat
  55. Day of the Samurai
  56. See No Evil
  57. The Demon's Quest, Part I
  58. The Demon's Quest, Part II
  59. Read My Lips
  60. Fire from Olympus
  61. Shadow of the Bat, Part I
  62. Shadow of the Bat, Part II
  63. Mudslide
  64. The Worry Men
  65. Paging the Crime Doctor

Season Two

  1. House and Garden
  2. Sideshow
  3. Avatar
  4. Trial
  5. Harlequinade
  6. Bane
  7. Second Chance
  8. Riddler's Reform
  9. Baby-Doll
  10. Time Out of Joint
  11. Harley's Holiday
  12. Make 'Em Laugh
  13. Batgirl Returns
  14. Lock-Up
  15. Deep Freeze
  16. The Terrible Trio
  17. Showdown
  18. Catwalk
  19. A Bullet for Bullock
  20. The Lion and the Unicorn

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