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Batman Vol 1 167


Batman Vol 1 167

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"Zero Hour for Earth!": When an Interpol agent is assassinated at Gotham Airport, Batman and Robin decide to investigate the involvement of the international crime organization called the Hydra of Crime.

Appearing in "Zero Hour for Earth!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Hydra of Crime (Single appearance)
    • Karabi (Single appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Zero Hour for Earth!"

When an Interpol agent is assassinated at Gotham Airport, Batman and Robin decide to investigate the involvement of the international crime organization called the Hydra of Crime.

Flying to Holland, and meeting with Interpol's chief, Batman and Robin begin following a series of clues that take them around the world in an attempt to discover what the Hydra of Crimes plot is, and foil it before they can launch their attack on the world.

Traveling from Holland, to India, to Greece, to France and finally Hong Kong, the Dynamic Duo learn the secret loccation of Karabi, the leader of the Hydra of Crime in a location in Southeast Asia. They also learn that Karabi has secured a nuclear weapon and is planning to transport it to one country and launch it at one of it's enemies and so cause a nuclear war between the two.

Finding Karabi's secret base, Batman and Robin are captured by his men and locked in a cell where they are forced to listen an alarm clock which is timing the moment when Karabi will launch the nuclear warhead at the opposing country. Tricking the soldiers into letting them by offering knowledge of how Karabi's plan will fail, Batman and Robin knock them out when they're caught off guard by the ringing alarm clock.

Batman and Robin then storm the facility which Karabi has setup to launch the missile, and stop him at the last moment and turn him over to Interpol.

Reading over Karabi's diary, they learn of Hydra operations in other parts of the world to gain wealth for the organization, and so Batman and Robin foil each one, taking advantage of the different time zones of each country. After they have finished their mission, they return to the States and laugh about how they got home at the same time they rounded up the Hydra of Crime, remarking that because of the time zones they have been in three places at the same time.


  • When Batman explains to Robin that Karabi is going to launch a nuclear bomb from one country at another which it is hostile towards, the countries are referred to as "Country A" and "Country B", the editors note on the remark state that "For security reasons, we cannot reveal the true names of the actual countries involved." Given the year this comic was originally published this is of course an allusion to the Cold War, and the countries they are implying here are most probably the United States and either Russia or China.
  • Reprinted inBatman: The Dynamic Duo Archives Vol 1


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