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"The Secret of Hunter's Inn": Batman and Robin, in their everyday identities as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson accompanied by Alfred, are investigating Hunter's Inn, the scene of many robberies of wealthy pat

Appearing in "The Secret of Hunter's Inn"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sapper (Single appearance)
  • Legs (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • John Gottrox (Single appearance)
  • Soup McConell (Single appearance)


  • Hunter's Inn


Synopsis for "The Secret of Hunter's Inn"

Batman and Robin, in their everyday identities as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson accompanied by Alfred, are investigating Hunter's Inn, the scene of many robberies of wealthy patrons...and run smack into the infamous Tweedledum and Tweedledee!

After a first failed attempt at capturing the criminals, Batman and Robin try a second time and they discover the secret behind the Tweeds' crime ring. During the final confrontation, Batman and Robin stall the criminals until the Gotham City Police Department arrives at the crime scene and arrests the criminal cousins.

Appearing in "Robin Studies His Lessons"

Featured Characters:


  • Spike (Single appearance)
  • Harry (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Robin Studies His Lessons"

When Dick brings home a miserable report card, Bruce relegates the youngster to studying at home instead of gallivanting about as Robin, the Boy Wonder!

However, one night during patrol, Batman falls in a trap and is taken hostage of a well known gang. When Dick learns of Batman's misfortune, he geas up as Robin and goes to rescue his partner. Robin finds the secret hideout and using his knowledge in chemistry, he manages to rescue Batman and they capture the criminals.

Bruce realizes that Dick's knowledge is too good for someone who flunked chemistry and the next day, Dick's name is cleared when the school headmaster tells Bruce that the report card belonged to another student and that Dick's own card was flawless.

Appearing in "The Good Samaritan Cops"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Two-Gun Fowley (Single appearance)



  • Susie the truck

Synopsis for "The Good Samaritan Cops"

Batman and Robin team up with the Police Emergency Squad of Gotham City Police Department and they lend a hand to every citizen in need across the city.

Appearing in "The Crime Surgeon"

Featured Characters:



Synopsis for "The Crime Surgeon"

The Crime Doctor uses his medical knowledge to save the prison's ward, but shortly after this he escapes prison and starts once again his crime clinic, only this time he operates across the entire country. Batman and Robin deduce the next place where the Doctor would strike, but they fail to capture the old man and Robin is shot by one of his henchmen. The Doctor saves Robin's life by operating him and after this he leaves the city towards his next target.

Batman makes sure Robin is taken to a proper hospital to recover and then he follows the trail of the Crime Doctor all the way to California. Batman tries to capture Thorne, but one of the doctors' henchmen betrays him after the doctor neglected to save his henchman's wife. In his dying moments, Thorne tells Batman that he is sorry for what happened to Robin and soon he dies.



  • The cover art of this issue is the first Batman illustration by Dick Sprang.

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