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"It Happened in Rome": Professor Carter Nichols uses his hypnotic technique to send Batman and Robin's minds back in time to the era of the ancient Rome, where they face a series of perils and ultimately u

Appearing in "It Happened in Rome"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jester (Single appearance)
  • Gito (Single appearance)


  • Malchio (Single appearance)
  • Calvus (Single appearance)

Other Characters:


  • Circus Maximus


Synopsis for "It Happened in Rome"

Professor Carter Nichols uses his hypnotic technique to send Batman and Robin's minds back in time to the era of the ancient Rome, where they face a series of perils and ultimately uncover a large net of corruption among the nobles of Rome.

After successfully helping the people in need, Bruce and Dick return back to the present and Professor Nichols assumes that his little experiment failed as his subjects only talked about Batman and Robin, which are modern figures.

Appearing in "Convict Cargo"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sam Caldwin (Single appearance)

Other Characters

  • Coast Guard



Synopsis for "Convict Cargo"

Alfred retrieves a mysterious package on the streets and takes it for further analysis in Wayne Manor. Upon a quick examination, Bruce deduces an encrypted code inside and he learns of a crime racket involving an inside person in the District Attorney's Department. With help from Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne attracts the attention of the criminals, who in turn kidnap Bruce and attempt to dump him into the ocean. Bruce was prepared for such eventuality and with Robin's help, he manages to survive the set up and together, the dynamic duo capture the entire gang.

When Batman and Robin tell the news of their success to Commissioner Gordon, he calls Wayne Manor to thank Bruce personally and Alfred is forced to impersonate Bruce to avoid suspicion from the police commissioner.

Appearing in "Police Line-Up"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Cincinatti Red (Single appearance)
  • Toots Rollston (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Police Detective (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Police Line-Up"

Alfred is allowed to be part of a police investigation and he is taken to a police line-up where several criminals are identified. Alfred is barely able to remember the faces and names of the criminals and by the next day he has all of them mixed up in his head. During his usual walks, he thinks he recognizes one of the criminals and follows him to an apparently empty store, where the criminal is being mugged by several other crooks. Alfred manages to overcome the criminals merely by accident and after the bad guys are disposed, Alfred realizes that the man he identified as a crook in the first place is in fact the police detective that organized Alfred's visit to the police line-up.

Of course, after the whole incident is cleared, Alfred returns to Wayne Manor where he takes full responsibility for capturing the thugs and saving the police detective.

Appearing in "The Mayors of Yonville"

Featured Characters:



  • Yonville


Synopsis for "The Mayors of Yonville"

Tweedledum and Tweedledee are running for mayor of Yonvile and they attract the attention of Batman and Robin, who travel to the town to make sure everything is in order. The Tweeds are apparently law abiding citizens now, but as soon as there's trouble, they use the law of Yonville to arrest Batman and Robin.

With Batman out of the way, the Tweeds stage a fake gold mine discovery to rob the money from the townsfolk with the promise of gold. Batman and Robin learn of this foul play and they escape prison and confront the Tweeds, who try to escape but ultimately fall in a real golden mine and are finally captured by the dynamic duo.

The people of the town learn of the Tweed's crimes and they appoint Batman as temporary Mayor of Yonville. This time it's Batman who arrests the Tweeds and after setting things right in town, Batman and Robin return to Gotham City.



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