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Batman Vol 1 333


Batman Vol 1 333

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"The China Syndrome!": In Katmandu, Nepal, King Faraday receives the radio signal from Archer Templeton's transmitter, for which he has been waiting ten years.

Quote1 There will be time to worry of the future soon enough. But for now you must relax... you need comforting. I can give you all you need... and more. Quote2
-- Talia

Appearing in "The China Syndrome!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Gustav (Single appearance)
  • Captain Torrents (First appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The China Syndrome!"

In Katmandu, Nepal, King Faraday receives the radio signal from Archer Templeton's transmitter, for which he has been waiting ten years.

Meanwhile, Batman, disguised as Karlyle Krugerrand, is allowed inside the Criminal Bank in Montfaucon, Switzerland, which handles cash for virtually all criminal organizations in the world. He learns that Falstaff did business with the bank, but his disguise is penetrated and he is wounded while escaping. Upon returning to the hotel he is staying at, Talia heals Bruce with her special salve. In the privacy of their room, he confides to her that Falstaff was hired to ruin Bruce Wayne, but he does not know why.

That night, Bruce and Talia face another assassination attempt, and decide that the best way to meet their next contact, one Captain Torrents, in Hong Kong is to cross the heavily-guarded Red Chinese border. They manage to do so, despite several perils. Bruce leaves Talia behind as he boards Torrents' junk, The Phoenix. But once on board, Bruce is locked into a room which is filled with sleep gas, and he falls victim to the fumes instantly.

Appearing in "Shanghaied!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Chin Ho (First appearance)
    • Su San (Single appearance)
  • Ronald Watkins (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Quo-Quing (Appears only as a corpse)




Synopsis for "Shanghaied!"

Robin and Catwoman are present when Ronald Watkins is released from jail for spilling information about Gregorian Falstaff. Timothy Fox, who also goes free, is astonished to hear that Falstaff paid Watkins to raid the Wayne Foundation building, to beat Lucius Fox and intended to have him kill Timothy later. Upon release, Tim and Lucius have a heartfelt reunion.

Later, Commissioner Gordon contacts Robin and tells him that King Faraday has been tryig to contact Batman. Knowing that Batman is not currently in Gotham, Robin and Catwoman answer the summons to Shanghai, China. Once there, Faraday tells the two that his old partner, Archer Templeton, recently sent a radio signal as agreed upon ten years ago. But all that arrived with the transmitter was an empty raft with the word "Batman" scrawled on it. Since Batman could not be contacted, Faraday opted to try for Robin.

Faraday, Robin and Catwoman go to meet an informant, who is killed by an assassin that escapes. When Faraday is kidnapped, Catwoman decides to get some information from the local criminals and she takes Robin with her in disguise. In her civilain identity, Selina and his "partner" meet Chin Ho, a fence and dope smuggler knowledgeable about all Far Eastern crime. While in his shop, Ho tries to drug them unconscious, but only Robin falls for the trap. Selina tries to fight back, but she is outnumbered and easily defeated.

Moments later, Selina and Dick awaken to find themselves strapped to slabs. Chin Ho informs them that he will now have revenge on Catwoman for her past interference with his smuggling operations. He orders his aides to inject them with cocaine until they die of an overdose.


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