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Batman Vol 1 367


Batman Vol 1 367

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"The Green Ghosts of Gotham": From an abandoned house in Crime Alley, a cloud with several experimental seeds is released into Gotham City and upon reaching the Gotham River, the seeds start transforming into something else at the break of dawn. That night, [[Bruce Wayne (Ea

Quote1 I'm off for school -- Maybe we'll get lucky tonight. Quote2
-- Jason Todd

Appearing in "The Green Ghosts of Gotham"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Poison Ivy
    • "Green-Men" (Plant-Men)
  • Lignier (First appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The Green Ghosts of Gotham"

From an abandoned house in Crime Alley, a cloud with several experimental seeds is released into Gotham City and upon reaching the Gotham River, the seeds start transforming into something else at the break of dawn. That night, Batman goes out on patrol with Jason Todd, as a first test for the kid in order to become his partner. At that moment, the seeds have evolved into hulking green creatures and they start to crawl all their way through the city, causing damage and destruction along the way. During their patrol, Batman and Robin come across one of these creatures, but they are unable to stop it and the only clue they get is a piece of the "tissue". Before the night is over, Batman and Jason consult with an herbologist and learn that the creature is the result of eugenic experimentation. Moments later, the green monsters have gathered at the abandoned place in Crime Alley, where Poison Ivy and her new accomplice, Dr. Lignier have started it all.

In the morning, Alfred Pennyworth returns to Wayne Manor, only to inform Bruce that he would be leaving for Montreal, but he doesn't explain anything else. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon has returned to work after his successful recovery from the stroke suffered and he is surprised to get assistance and true support from Harvey Bullock, who wants to make things right by start acting like a proper member of the GCPD, even though he fails at the task. Elsewhere, Vicki Vale has returned from Guatemala and she hopes that Bruce will take the initiative to resume their relationship, but he doesn't. In the meantime, a series of invitations for a spa arrive for all the members of the executive board at Wayne Enterprises, but Lucius Fox and Bruce decide to throw it away.

However, Bruce and Lucius were the only ones to dismiss the invitations to "Exotica" and that evening, several members of the board go to the place, which is run by Poison Ivy. She provides them with a stress-reliever treatment, but unaware to them, she also doses them with gas that will lower their capabilities and after the session, they leave with a plant as souvenir from the place. When the men are gone, Ivy and her new accomplice relish on their victory.

The next day, Lucius calls Bruce to inform him about several mistakes done by the members of the board and when Bruce investigates, he deduces that the most obvious suspect is Poison Ivy. After dark, Batman and Jason go the abandoned house in Crime Alley and confront Ivy about the strange events. Since they have no evidence, there is nothing they can prove and Ivy has been released from prison following the law. Batman decides to wait until much later in the night to sneak into Ivy's laboratory and investigate. Unfortunately, he is attacked by the monsters created by Ivy and he calls for Robin's help. Jason descends and tries to stop Ivy, but fails and almost gets himself killed. In order to escape, Ivy sets the entire place on fire and her monsters are destroyed. Batman and Jason take Ivy's partner with them for interrogation and after reaching the exit, they find that Ivy is truly gone. Batman notices that Jason is grim after the mission and he tells the kid that they will still capture Ivy, but Jason's concern is far from that. He explains that when Batman was in danger, he called for help, but instead of calling for Jason, he called for Robin.



  • Even though, Jason had already assumed the costumed identity of Robin in the previous story in Detective #533, this story shows him using his non-descript outfit, which he used in Detective Comics #526.
  • This issue shows someone at the Wayne Foundation named Mr. Fox on page 10, but he is white. Colorist error? Later, we see Mr. Fox looking normal on page 15. Perhaps the mail man called Mr. Fox's assistant "Mr. Fox" by mistake...

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