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Batman Vol 1 373

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"The Frequency of Fear": In the middle of the night, Jason Todd awakes from a terrible nightmare and this has not been the first time. Because of his lack of sleep, the authorities at the Child Welfare Bureau have noticed Jason's decline in performance and the social w

Quote1 Only you would risk your life to protect a mortal enemy... making it all the easier for the rest of us! Taste fear, Batman-- feel it in your every bone! Quote2
-- Scarecrow

Appearing in "The Frequency of Fear"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Gotham Courthouse
  • Gotham Child Welfare Bureau



Synopsis for "The Frequency of Fear"

In the middle of the night, Jason Todd awakes from a terrible nightmare and this has not been the first time. Because of his lack of sleep, the authorities at the Child Welfare Bureau have noticed Jason's decline in performance and the social workers decide to investigate the kid's situation.

Meanwhile in Arkham Asylum, a writer would like to have an interview with Jonathan Crane, but he is informed that Crane has been released after his successful recovery. Unaware to the authorities, Crane has simply recovered his mental faculties, which only make him a more deadly threat. Elsewhere, Julia Pennyworth asks Vicki Vale for a job at Picture News Magazine and after clearing their differences, Vicki agrees to help Julia.

At night, Joker is bound to stand trial at the Gotham Courthouse, but Scarecrow strikes at the place after seeking revenge after he was used during Joker's previous scheme. Scarecrow breaks into the courthouse and using a new device in the shape of a skull, he is able to create crippling fear in those victims who he aims the device towards. Like this, Scarecrow has easy access to the cells at the courthouse, but a few minutes after his attack, the Bat-Signal is activated. When Scarecrow is about to reach the Joker's cell, Batman arrives at the place and confronts the crook. Unfortunately, he is also affected by Scarecrow's new device, but oly for a few moments, when he starts to recover. Knowing that his plan has been jeopardized, Scarecrow escapes with Robin following close behind. Using his new device, Scarecrow affects Robin and manages to make a clean getaway.

At that moment, Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock finally come to good terms, unaware that Mayor Hill has reached an agreement to release Doctor Fang from prison if Harvey Bullock is murdered.

As Batman and Robin investigate Scarecrow's background, the master of fear improves his new device, capable of emmiting frequency waves that affect the nervous system and cause the desired crippling fear effect. Moments later, Batman and Robin are summoned to the GCPD Headquarters, where they are informed about unusual activity at the Gotham Zoo. Batman decides to go alone as the Zoo holds traumatic memories for the young Robin, but Jason doesn't like the idea of staying idle and he goes to investigate at the last known place used by Scarecrow as hideout. Both Batman and Robin walk into deadly traps as Batman enters the Zoo and triggers the improved fear device that causes him to fall into the crocodile pit and Robin is attacked by Scarecrow upon reaching the criminal's lair.



  • This isse marks the first use of Scarecrow's skull-shaped device.

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