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Batman Vol 1 44


Batman Vol 1 44

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"Gamble With Doom!": After winning big in an illegal casino, the Joker decides to use a gambling scheme for his next series of robberies. He creates high stakes crimes implicating Batman with a wager of peoples lives on the line. To facilitate th

Quote1 When it comes to the Joker being dead- I'm not gambling on it! Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Gamble With Doom!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Joker
    • Lewis (Single appearance)
  • Drew (Single appearance)
  • Lane (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Gamble With Doom!"

After winning big in an illegal casino, the Joker decides to use a gambling scheme for his next series of robberies. He creates high stakes crimes implicating Batman with a wager of peoples lives on the line. To facilitate this the Joker hires some accomplices to steal some medical Radium and tries to make off with the loot. When his hired help realize what they stole they surrender and face the law, while the Joker eludes capture by jumping off a cliff.

Appearing in "Born For Adventure!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Bill Jordan (Single appearance)


  • Globetrotter (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Dr. Rex Lamarr (Single appearance)
  • Mike Hannegan (Single appearance)


  • Ceylon


Synopsis for "Born For Adventure!"

A man called Bill Jordan has always dreamed of being an explorer but due to a medical condition, he can't fulfill his lifelong dream. Instead, he has to work at the Gotham Natural History Museum in a much quiet lifestle than he had hoped. However, his life takes a turn of events when some criminals break into the museum and they are followed by Batman and Robin. Jordan provides his help to the Dynamic Duo and after successfully capturing the criminals, Bruce Wayne vouches for Jordan's physical condition to the museum authorities. After a second test, Jordan learns that his first medical result was caused by faulty equipment and that he is in perfect conditions for being an explorer.

Appearing in "The First American Detective!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Henry (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Martha (Single appearance)
  • Horses


Synopsis for "The First American Detective!"

Bruce Wayne revisits his ancestors' history and once again he gets to Silas Wayne, who was known for being a highwayman. Bruce doesn't believe the stories about Silas and he asks Professor Carter Nichols to send him and Dick back to the 18th Century to learn the truth about his ancestor.

In the past, Bruce and Dick come across a band of highwaymen, but none of them is Silas Wayne. They drive the criminals away as Batman and Robin and after this heroic feat they are greeted by Ben Franklin. Shortly afterwards, the Dynamic Duo learn about a conspiracy to frame Silas Wayne as part of the highwaymen in order to get him exiled from town. Batman and Robin investigate the case and find the real criminals, clearing the name of Silas Wayne. However, when Silas walks away with the document proving his innocence, Bruce and Dick are brought back to the present.

The Duo were unable to bring proof of Silas' innocence, but Bruce deduces that his ancestor might have hidden the document on a very safe place. While searching Silas' portrait, Bruce finds the document and Bruce gives the evidence of Silas' innocence to a great museum, for everyone to learn the truth about his honorable ancestor.


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  • The third story is the first time in history that the Wayne Family is expanded.

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