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Batman Vol 1 506


Batman Vol 1 506

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"Malevolent Maniaxe": After improving the batsuit one more time, Batman starts looking for Abattoir who is still at large. Meanwhile in Blackgate, Henry Etchinson, Abattoir's cousin, asks his lawyer to put on a contract on

Quote1 But I'm warning you...the money's mine. Quote2
-- Ballistic

Appearing in "Malevolent Maniaxe"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Abattoir (Flashback only)
  • Graham Etchinson (Flashback only)
  • Winston Brock (First appearance)
  • Armand Krol




Synopsis for "Malevolent Maniaxe"

After improving the batsuit one more time, Batman starts looking for Abattoir who is still at large. Meanwhile in Blackgate, Henry Etchinson, Abattoir's cousin, asks his lawyer to put on a contract on his cousin's life. The reward is settled at one hundred thousand dollars to anybody who kills Abattoir.

Back in Gotham, the former police officer Kelvin Mao is looking for some job as a mercenary under the name of Ballistic and asks a local bartender to contact him if some work appears. Somewhere else in the city, a trio gang named the Malevolent Maniaxe act as debt collectors and injures the people who can't afford to pay them. They decide to start to act as bounty hunters and start to look for Abattoir to claim the price. At the same time, Ballistic is contacted by the bartender to inform him of the bounty over Abattoir's life.

Following the only clues to find Abattoir, Batman reached one man who helped the killer in the past but the effort was futile as the man knew nothing. At that time, Commissioner Gordon was arguing with Mayor Krol because he supported the Batman's new radical attitude towards crime and wanted the GCPD to act the same way, something Jim wouldn't approve. He was left wondering what have happened to the Batman he knew.

In order to find further clues, Batman goes to the Batcave and searched the batcomputer records on Abattoir. The Malevolent Maniaxe goes to the man Batman already questioned and realize that there might be other bounty hunters out there and rush to find the second man. The gang headed to a warehouse where they find another man who was involved with Abattoir in the past. They were beating the people in the warehouse when Batman blew one wall with rockets from his new armor. Just as he was about to stop the trio, Ballistic appeared and suggesting the Batman to team up but the money goes to him.



  • There is a brief appearance by Bruce, Alfred and Tim related to the stories each one was going through.

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