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Batman Vol 1 515


Batman Vol 1 515

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"Troika: Dark Rider, Cold Warrior": Bruce Wayne is back as Batman and has changed his costume to a darker one as to symbolize some changes he is going to make on his life as well. At the batcave, Batman, Robin and [[Richard Grays

Quote1 I know who and what the Batman is all too well. Maybe I should spend some time getting to know Bruce Wayne...and other matters closer to home. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Troika: Dark Rider, Cold Warrior"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Troika: Dark Rider, Cold Warrior"

Bruce Wayne is back as Batman and has changed his costume to a darker one as to symbolize some changes he is going to make on his life as well. At the batcave, Batman, Robin and Nightwing hear to some reports on some irregular activity concerning Russian and nuclear weapons. Batman decides to discuss the matter with Commissioner Gordon and without delay he starts looking for the suspect number one: Dark Rider.

Meanwhile in the Troika hideout there is a discussion going on that ends up with the Dark Rider leaving Troika and starts pursuing his own vengeance with help of the nuclear device they have developed. Dark Rider is planning his revenge against America, Gotham and Batman for his own personal reasons. The leadership of Troika is given to KGBeast.

Batman and Robin decide to search the Dark Rider in Little Odessa, the last known place Troika used as base of operations. They encountered a thug who was trying to bomb the Dzerchenko's store. They stopped him but they disrupted inside the Dzerchenko's house through Ariana's bedroom. The thug told Batman all he needed to know about the Dark Rider whereabout. At that moment, in Dark Rider's appartment, two hired killers sent by Troika to kill Dark Rider where killed by him and just as he was attempting an escape Batman and Robin spotted him and acted. Robin went inside Rider's appartment and Batman engaged in combat with the man. The fight ended when the Rider's illness due to radiation left him in a defenseless position. Robin told Batman what he found in the appartment and Dark Rider confessed he set out to kill Colonel Vega. Knowing that the nuclear weapon and Gotham's future was in Vega's hands, Batman felt unease.



  • This issue marks the first colaboration between Doug Moench, Kelley Jones and John Beatty on the Batman title. From this issue on, they would mark their initials on every Batman issue they made. They also included a pupeteer pulling the strings of a Batman puppet on almost every issue.
  • This issue features the first appearance of the Black Batsuit replacing the classic Blue/Gray Batsuit.

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Batman #515 Shadow of the Bat #35 Detective Comics #682 Robin #14

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