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Batman Vol 1 521


Batman Vol 1 521

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"Killer Croc: Fast Train to the Wet Dark": Killer Croc escapes from Arkham Asylum. His consciousness is devoling into a more primal state and some mysterious force guides him to seek out the "wet dark".

Quote1 All my life people been screamin'... ever since I was a kid -- just cuz I was born different... just cuz I look different, but lemme tell ya... you people ain't no joy to look at neither! Quote2
-- Killer Croc

Appearing in "Killer Croc: Fast Train to the Wet Dark"

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Synopsis for "Killer Croc: Fast Train to the Wet Dark"

Killer Croc escapes from Arkham Asylum. His consciousness is devoling into a more primal state and some mysterious force guides him to seek out the "wet dark".

At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Tim struggle to operate a washing machine. The doorbell rings and Alfred Pennyworth returns, holding a copy of the Gotham Gazette in his hands. He dryly states that he is responding to the classifieds concerning an open position of a butler at Wayne Manor. Alfred is actually the one who posted the ad himself, but his pride prevents from simply asking Bruce for his old job back. Regardless, Bruce and Tim are elated to see him and welcome him with open arms.

At Gotham City police headquarters, Mayor Armand Krol has a meeting with Commissioner Sarah Gordon. He shows her a campaign poster of her husband Jim and wants an explanation. Sarah is just as surprised as Krol to learn that her husband is running for mayor. Embarrassed, she confesses that Jim and she are not on speaking terms currently.

Meanwhile, Batman learns that Killer Croc has escaped, and begins hunting for him. He discovers that Croc has hijacked a train bound for Louisiana. Batman begins following him in the Batmobile, but grows concerned when he realizes he doesn't have enough fuel for the journey. In short order, Batman catches up to train. He discards the Batmobile, which subsequently crashes into a ravine, and boards the train. Croc is at the controls and is pressing the throttle too hard. The train derails as Batman and Croc fight one another. Batman emerges from the wreckage, but Croc has disappeared. He knows that he is on his way to the swamps of Houma.



  • One of the advertisements in the classifieds that Alfred is holding reads "Nanny needed for Jane and Michael Banks, Apply Cherry Tree Lane". This is a reference to the children's story Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers.
  • This issue marks the return of Alfred as Bruce's butler since he resigned the post during the Knightquest: The Search event.

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