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Batman Vol 1 523


Batman Vol 1 523

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"Scarecrow (Part I of II) - Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear": The Scarecrow has escaped from Arkham Asylum. Harvey Bullock has a meeting with Jeremiah Arkham to discuss the incident and concludes that Jonathan Crane escaped via the v

Quote1 The sinister Scarecrow is free once more -- a living heart attack loose in the dark! Quote2
-- The Scarecrow

Appearing in "Scarecrow (Part I of II) - Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bo Griggs (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Craw
  • George Dunstan (First appearance)
  • Mortimer Gunt




Synopsis for "Scarecrow (Part I of II) - Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear"

The Scarecrow has escaped from Arkham Asylum. Harvey Bullock has a meeting with Jeremiah Arkham to discuss the incident and concludes that Jonathan Crane escaped via the ventilation shaft. Outside, the Scarecrow plots his revenge against those who once tormented him as a teenager. His first victim is Bo Griggs, a former athlete whom he paralyzed over twenty years ago. Breaking into Bo's apartment, he exposes him to his fear toxin and subsequently kills him.

Meanwhile, Alfred Pennyworth reminds Bruce Wayne that he is hosting a dinner function for the three candidates for mayor, Armand Krol, James Gordon and Marion Grange. Bruce would rather search for the Scarecrow but realizes that he has responsibilities in his civilian identity as well. Also attending the dinner are Lucius Fox and Madolyn Corbett. The three candidates argue about their respective policies, but Jim Gordon refuses to take a platform.

After the function, Bruce changes into Batman and meets with Harvey Bullock. He gives Harvey a listening device and sends him to the morgue to get information concerning the Scarecrow's most recent victim, Bo Griggs. Harvey does as asked and consults with mortician Mortimer Gunt.

Later, Batman recovers a list of people still living in Gotham who once attended high school with Jonathan Crane. He determines that the Scarecrow's next victim is George Dunstan. Batman bursts through the window of Dunstan's apartment, just as the Scarecrow exposes him to his hallucinogen. Dunstan panics and leaps out of the window. Batman divers after him desperate to catch him before he falls to his death.


  • Bo Griggs appeared last in Batman Annual #19. Final appearance; dies in this issue.


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