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Batman Vol 1 527


Batman Vol 1 527

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"The Face Schism": Batman stops a "home invasion" at night and left the criminals to be picked up by the police. At that moment, in Arkham Asylum; Harvey Dent escapes from his cell disguised as a guard. At the batcave; Bruce

Quote1 lose. Quote2
-- Two-Face

Appearing in "The Face Schism"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


  • Two-Face (Flashback and main story)
  • Jermiston Lockhart

Other Characters:

  • Marion Grange
  • George (Single appearance)
  • Frankie (Single appearance)
  • Mal and Cal
  • Ben
  • Mega-Max
  • Deadeye Dagger




Synopsis for "The Face Schism"

Batman stops a "home invasion" at night and left the criminals to be picked up by the police. At that moment, in Arkham Asylum; Harvey Dent escapes from his cell disguised as a guard. At the batcave; Bruce learns of Two-Face's escape and sets out to find him. Two-Face went to his old apartment to get some of his old investigation files. Dent shot the current resident of the place and left the place. Batman got to the crime scene and picked up a piece of a folder made of thick cardstock. Batman reminisced when Harvey was D.A. and wanted to act on those files. Batman called James Gordon to help him to get a copy of those files. Gordon arranged a meeting with his wife on the GCPD Headquarters roof.

Sarah Essen received a visit of Mayor Marion Grange to discuss the future of the Police Department. Later, Sarah turned the bat-signal on and she gave Batman the files he needed. Meanwhile, Two-Face already decided who his next criminal to be prosecuted would be. Batman deduced that Dent would act on the most probable suspect: Jermiston Lockhart. Lockhart was charged with murder and he was exploiting some people using them as a sideshow attraction. One of them was a two-faced man, born with a mutation.

Two-Face arrived first at Lockhart's place and went to meet the two-faced Schism. He told them that they were free if they killed their boss Lockhart. Batman arrived and confronted the strong man and the knive thrower. Lockhart pointed Batman with a gun but Two-Face told him to drop the gun if he wanted his major attraction to continue living while pointing a gun at the two-faced Schism.


  • The conversation between Sarah Essen and Marion Grange is somewhat out of place as they have another conversation on Detective Comics #694 making all the arrangements for the Gotham Police Department; but it might be due to the issues release dates beign almost at the same time.
  • This issue is reprinted in Batman by Doug Moench & Kelley Jones Volume 1.


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