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"Postmarked: Murder": Batman and Robin discussed about the "faceless" murders. They realized that there was a new killer in Gotham City and that he probably suffered from an identity crisis. They couldn't figure out the connection bet

Quote1 Who else ignored me today? Who else said I was "nobody, just the mailman"? What face does Faceless take next? Whose dead letters do I read tomorrow? ANSWER ME, YOU PSYCHO CREEP!! Quote2
-- Faceless

Appearing in "Postmarked: Murder"

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Synopsis for "Postmarked: Murder"

Batman and Robin discussed about the "faceless" murders. They realized that there was a new killer in Gotham City and that he probably suffered from an identity crisis. They couldn't figure out the connection between the murderer and his victims except for the area of the crimes; all developed in West Gotham. Batman decided to patrol that part of the city while Robin stayed in the Batcave and searched for more clues.

At the West Gotham Florist store, Faceless was ready to kill the florist himself. The man threw an empty vase at Faceless but the killer dodged it. The vase broke through a window and Batman listened the glass breaking from afar as well as the scream of a man. By the time he arrived, it was already late; the florist was murdered and his face taken. Batman followed the trail of blood left by Faceless and he spotted the man walking away. Batman tried to catch up with the man but just around the corner he lost the man due to a massive crowd coming out of a theater. Faceless mixed himself with the crowd and walked away.

Back in the batcave. Batman told Robin what happened. Alfred gave Bruce the flowers that arrived at Wayne Manor sent by Vesper Fairchild. Bruce realized two facts: the flowers were from the same store where Faceless struck and Vesper lived in West Gotham. Bruce called her to apologize for forgetting about their first night date and to make sure that she was alright. Bruce told her to take care and Vesper wondered what kept Bruce so busy at nights.

When Alfred told Bruce that the flowers were a special delivery, Bruce noticed a connection between the murders and the cryptic messages written with the victims' blood. One of the messages read "special deathery". Batman told Robin to pinpoint the places where Faceles has struck. The places described a pattern. On his way out, Batman told Robin to figure out if there was a mail dalivery route that matched with the places. When Batman was on his way to West Gotham, Robin called him and told him that the only mailman with that route was a man called Joseph Zedno. Robin gave Batman the man's address and Batman went directly to that place.

Faceless was lifting a barbell and wondering in a manic way who would be his next victim. Batman entered into the place and he was shocked to see mountains of mail. Faceless confronted Batman while the dark knight tried to approach the killer. Faceless threw the barbell he was lifting to Batman who caught it but Faceless launched agains Batman who couldn't stand the combined weight. Faceless was completely deranged and he almost managed to asphyxiate Batman with the barbell. He was distracted when someone called out his name and Batman seized the opportunity to attack the killer. Zedno ended in a bad position and Batman punched him so hard in the face that Zedno was immediately knocked down. The one who helped Batman was Robin who arrived just in time to help his boss.


  • This is the last part of the storyline labeled as Faceless.
  • The story take place after the events of Batman #542.


  • One of the murders' photos reads Murdercide. On the previous issue it was Murdicide.

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