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Batman Vol 1 547


Batman Vol 1 547

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"Dark Genesis": The events of Genesis have already taken hold of Gotham City; as hopelesness and despair take over almost every person in the city, the police do what they can with the few people that showed up to work.

Quote1 The real enemy is how the bad guys make the good guys feel--and we gotta beat that feelin', pal. We gotta stay better than the bad guys... Quote2
-- Harvey Bullock

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  • Tinderbox Fine Cigars
  • Robinson Street



Synopsis for "Dark Genesis"

The events of Genesis have already taken hold of Gotham City; as hopelesness and despair take over almost every person in the city, the police do what they can with the few people that showed up to work.

Commissioner Gordon is tempted to start the Bat-Signal, but knows that it would be futile. Elsewhere, Batman tells a depressed Oracle not to give up and to have faith, convincing her to help the world in any way she could. Alfred was worried about Batman, who told him not to worry and to keep the spirit up as he left the Batcave to patrol the city. As soon as Batman left, the phone rang at Wayne Manor, and Alfred answered Vesper Fairchild's call, the two of them comforting each other.

Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya are the only members of the Major Crimes Unit available when a call comes in. Bullock answers, and a desperate man replies on the other side; he had taken some hostages and was pointing a gun at them. Bullock told Montoya to trace the call as he continued to talk with the man over the phone; not only did he keep him occupied until the call was tracked and Montoya arrived at the place with reinforcements, but the man lowered his gun and surrendered peacefully, with the only condition that he would be allowed to talk to Bullock once he was taken into police custody.

Batman overhears talk about a suicidal woman on top of a building via the police radio, and as nobody answers the call, he takes it upon himself to assist her. When he arrives, the woman is at the edge of the building, anxiously talking to herself. Batman's attempt to talk sense into her freaked her out, and she slipped from the edge; as she was falling, Batman launched himself after the woman, and used his Batrope to save her. Batman later told her that the feeling of despair would soon be gone, and left the woman with renewed hope.

At the GCPD Headquarters, Sarah talks to her husband, and the two of them embraced each other, thinking about all the people who was struggling to make a difference in those difficult times. Batman wishes good luck to those people who were fighting the great evil.


  • This is a tie-in to the Genesis storyline.


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