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Batman Vol 1 610


Batman Vol 1 610

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"Hush (Part III of XII) - The Beast": Killer Croc has been taken to Arkham Asylum. Batman visits his electro-cell and tries to figure out who put Croc up to kidnapping the Lamont boy. Further, he needs to determine what happened to the ransom mon

Quote1 We've done this dance for a long time. Too long. Aren't you at all curious? Quote2
-- Catwoman

Appearing in "Hush (Part III of XII) - The Beast"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Hush (Part III of XII) - The Beast"

Killer Croc has been taken to Arkham Asylum. Batman visits his electro-cell and tries to figure out who put Croc up to kidnapping the Lamont boy. Further, he needs to determine what happened to the ransom money. Croc is more beastly than ever and he refuses to say anything. He breaks free of the electro-cell and attacks Batman. He easily mangles Batman and the guards and makes his escape.

Amanda Waller of the Office of Meta-Human Affairs arrives and tells Batman that he has until midnight to find and stop Croc or else her people are moving in. Batman and Waller do not have a good working relationship with each other.

That evening, Dr. Thomas Elliot visits Wayne Manor. Bruce is out looking for Croc and instructs Alfred to tell Thomas that he isn't home. Alfred hasn't seen Thomas since he was a child, and recalls the night that Thomas' father died in an auto accident when he was very young.

Moments later, Batman scours the streets of Gotham in the Batmobile looking for signs of Croc when a shot is fired, and the Batmobile blows a wheel sending the car into a crash. The Batmobile's tires are specially treated and should not blow out under any circumstances. Batman manages to come out of the car unharmed and tells Oracle to keep tracking the signal device implamted on Croc's spine.

Meanwhile, Killer Croc traces the money trail back to Catwoman who is looking for clues in Poison Ivy's greenhouse apartment. He breaks through the greenhouse windows and attacks her. Batman arrives and tells Croc that they are being manipulated. Croc reveals that he wanted the ransom money to fix his current physical condition, but before Batman can get even further with him, Waller's people arrive in helicopters and spring electrical nets on top of Killer Croc. They swoop him up and take off with him. From across the street, the mysterious man watches everything that is happening.

Some nights later, Catwoman tells Batman that she has found Poison Ivy moved to Metropolis and she wants to track Ivy down to her safe-house there. Catwoman thanks Batman for saving her and she demonstrates her gratitude by kissing him. Feeling the solitude in his life, Batman kisses Catwoman back and they share a passionate moment.


  • This book was first published on December 26, 2002.
  • This issue is reprinted in Batman: Hush Vol 1.
  • Killer Croc appeared last in Batman #608. The nature of his mutation is explained in Batman #620.
  • This is the last Batman issue to credit Jenette Kahn as President and Editor-in-Chief. Kahn left DC comics after 26 years of working as publisher to pursue a different career.


  • There has always been sexual tension developing between Batman and Catwoman. In the pre-Crisis continuity, Batman had developed feelings for Catwoman at a time when she had reformed and given up the life of a super-criminal. In the pre-Crisis Earth-Two continuity, Batman and Catwoman not only fell in love, but were married and had a child named Helena Wayne. Helena grew up and became the Huntress of Earth-Two.

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