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Batman Vol 1 680

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"Batman R.I.P. - The Thin White Duke of Death": Upon hearing of Batman's "return", Dr. Hurt relocates to Arkham, bringing Jezebel Jet to the asylum and overseeing the release of the Joker, who has further disfigured himself by way of mutilating his tongue. Joker q

Quote1 you really want to know how it feels to be the clown at midnight? Quote2
-- The Joker

Appearing in "Batman R.I.P. - The Thin White Duke of Death"

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Synopsis for "Batman R.I.P. - The Thin White Duke of Death"

Upon hearing of Batman's "return", Dr. Hurt relocates to Arkham, bringing Jezebel Jet to the asylum and overseeing the release of the Joker, who has further disfigured himself by way of mutilating his tongue. Joker quickly disfigures Le Bossu (who is planning on lobotomizing Nightwing) and murders El Sombrero as a cadre of wealthy businessmen from across the world arrive to witness the Black Glove's endgame.

As Batman arrives at the asylum, Dr. Hurt invites the wealthy elite to gamble on and witness the death of Batman. Dr. Dax reveals himself to the Joker as Le Bossu, and begins to don his costume. Bat-Mite questions Batman's choice of Red and Yellow for his costume's colors, which Batman tells him suggest total confidence, as Robin wore the same colors for years and survived. After telling Batman that imagination and the 5th dimension are one in the same, Bat-Mite vanishes and Batman fights his way through Le Bossu's henchmen and the Joker, who has locked Jezebel Jet in a room with his poisonous black and red flowers. Commissioner Gordon makes it past El Sombrero's traps and discovers that Talia and Damian are at Wayne Manor to investigate Batman's whereabouts with Gordon.

Back at Arkham the Joker taunts Batman, saying Batman can never truly understand his insanity no matter how hard he tries. The Joker tells Batman that everything can't be broken down into clues and symbols. Jezebel is screaming for Bruce to save her, and Batman breaks the glass window of the room she is in, which is covered in red and black roses which according to Joker are apparently lethal when combined. As Batman reaches the flowers, Jezebel wearing a black dress sits up from her chair smiling, and slips on a pair of black gloves. As a now unmasked Batman begins to break down upon this revelation, the Joker asks Batman, "Now do you get it?"



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