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"Eye of the Beholder, Part One: Hear No Evil": A member of a secret order calls another, warning him the "Beholder" is in danger, and tells him to assist the person who will visit him later so the "Beholder" can be kept safe.

Quote1 You all stand between me and my crusade! For the greater good you must be sacrificed! Quote2
-- Reaper

Appearing in "Eye of the Beholder, Part One: Hear No Evil"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Eye of the Beholder, Part One: Hear No Evil"

A member of a secret order calls another, warning him the "Beholder" is in danger, and tells him to assist the person who will visit him later so the "Beholder" can be kept safe.

Meanwhile, in Gotham City's Devils Square, Batman and Robin chase after Catgirl who is pursuing the Reaper. Together they apprehend The Reaper during which Catgirl escapes unnoticed. Bruce Wayne appears, wanting to talk to Dick, insisting that Catgirl should be stopped.

Elsewhere, in an antique shop in Chinatown, a mysterious figure arrives asking for the "directions," only to find that the member of the secret order is dead, and the place is rigged to explode.

At Wayne Tower, Sasha Lo, representing the Tango Lo Foundation, explains they are interested in revitalizing poor areas of Gotham, including Crime Alley. Dick and Lucius explain they will respond after getting Bruce's opinion.

Dick goes to see Selina Kyle, and orders her to stop sending catgirl onto the streets for her own protection. Selina lies about not seeing her for a while.

In West Gotham, while inquiring with Alfred about possible places Batman could be of assistance, Dick is stopped by Sasha who was following him in a limo with her brother Luki. She asks Dick to convince Bruce to sell the properties they are interested in, even offering him a bribe. Suddenly, an arrow is shot towards them which Sasha manages to stop, warning both the limo driver and Dick to leave immediately. Dick gets dressed as Batman and reaches the roof, taking out the archer to find Sasha dressed as Peacock. The two soon find themselves surrounded by assassins led by The Sensei.


  • Collected in Batman: Eye of the Beholder.


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