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"The Jail For Heroes!": A gang lord called Scar Brink has built a gigantic prison where he places every law enforcer that he manages to capture. The duty of keeping them locked in the prison is hard, but the inmates become mild after Brink captures Batman and [[Richar

Quote1 And so I finally know who you are, Batman! But don't worry! The secret is mine alone! Your career won't suffer one bit! Quote2
-- Commissioner Gordon

Appearing in "The Jail For Heroes!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Blake Hanson (Single appearance)
  • Jeff Hunter (Single appearance)
  • Howard Green (Single appearance)


  • Scar Brink (Single appearance)
  • Slug (Single appearance)
  • Bugs (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Liutenant Arnold (Single appearance)
  • Joe Pearson (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "The Jail For Heroes!"

A gang lord called Scar Brink has built a gigantic prison where he places every law enforcer that he manages to capture. The duty of keeping them locked in the prison is hard, but the inmates become mild after Brink captures Batman and Robin, threatening to umask the heroes if there is any more escape attempts.

As prisoners, the law enforcers are enslaved to work on the prison's workshop and build objects that would help criminals on the outside escape the law. Batman prepares a plan for a mass breakout, but his plan fails when a desperate detective tries to escape first, leading to a confrontation between Brink and Batman. The Dark Knight is apparently defeated and all the law enforcers are placed in the gas chamber by Brink and his henchmen. However, the law enforcers soon learn that Batman switched places with Brink and everything is part of a plan to capture the criminals. Batman frees the law enforcers and together they place the thugs in their own cells, putting an end to the jail for heroes.

Appearing in "Commissioner Gordon's Greatest Case!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Red (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Barbara Gordon
  • Finley
  • Pete the Phantom (Flashback only)
  • Harry the Torch (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "Commissioner Gordon's Greatest Case!"

When Batman and Robin ask permission to use Commissioner Gordon's private restroom to heal some wounds, the elder police chief becomes very curious to learn the secret identity of Batman. Gordon could've eavesdropped on the bathroom, but instead he decides to start an investigation campaign to discover Batman's real identity.

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin investigate the recent crimes of the criminal known as The Masked Mystic. As Gordon places traps to force Batman to reveal his identity, Batman is always one step ahead of Gordon, whose determination to find out the truth is out of control. When Gordon gets another chance to spy upon Batman on his personal restroom, Gordon takes the opportunity and is shocked to see the man behind the mask. Gordon tells Batman that he knows the true, but he would keep it a secret. However, Gordon's subconscious mind betrays him and he starts giving away hints of Batman's secret identity to the people close to him.

When The Masked Mystic learns that Gordon knows Batman's identity, the criminal forces the Commissioner to reveal the name and Gordon has no choice but to reveal that Batman is in fact his friend James Bartley. Masked Mystic gets going to the house of Batrley, but Batman gets there first and finally captures the criminal, revealing that Gordon's knowledge was false since Bartley is not really the Batman. Afterwards, Gordon is relieved to know that he never knew the real identity of Batman and after this events, he doesn't want to know.

Appearing in "The Mask of Mr. Cipher!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Big Ed Yakers aka John Newman (Only appearance; dies)
  • Pink (Single appearance)
  • Marty (Single appearance)
  • Picadilly Pete (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Officer Cassidy (Single appearance)
  • Joe (Single appearance)
  • Lefty (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "The Mask of Mr. Cipher!"

The Gotham City Police Department and Batman learn that there is some underground criminal operation that allows thugs to change their facial structure in order to avoid capture. Commissioner Gordon and Batman come up with an idea to send undecover agents to the criminal underworld to learn the identity of the master criminal behind this gigantic operation. Batman is able to recognize the undercover officers by a token coin that they all carry on their pockets.

Soon, the identity of the master criminal behind it all is known as Mister Cipher, a masked man who runs a large criminal operation in Gotham. When Cipher learns about the undercover agents on his racket, he starts searching among his men and Batman has to intervene to prevent Cipher from harming the infiltrated officers. Batman is captured on his heroic feat and Cipher contacts Robin using Batman's Utility Belt, telling the kid to save Batman. Cipher is actually preparing a trap for Robin, but Batman manages to break free and by the time Robin arrives, the Dynamic Duo are able to capture all the criminals.

The police arrive at the criminals' base of operation and Cipher pulls out a gun, but he is shot before he could fire his weapon. On his dying moments, Batman removes the mask from Cipher and learns that the man has undergone too many surgeries and his facial features are not identifiable any longer. Cipher dies and his real name remains a mystery both to the Police and Batman.


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