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"The River Rogues": Commissioner Gordon is disgraced in the papers when a story about one of his ancestors being a criminal is published. Batman and Robin ask their friend [[Carter Nichols (Earth-One)|Carter

Quote1 This boy-- "Batman"? Don't be idiotic! This is only my nephew, Bruce Wayne, dressed for the outdoor masquerade ball! Quote2
-- Agatha Wayne

Appearing in "The River Rogues"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Baird Hawes (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The River Rogues"

Commissioner Gordon is disgraced in the papers when a story about one of his ancestors being a criminal is published. Batman and Robin ask their friend Carter Nichols' to send them back in time using his famous time machine, to investigate the claims. The Dynamic Duo ultimately learn that Gordon's ancestor was actually framed and they clear his good name.

Appearing in "The Seven Wonders of the Underworld!"

Featured Characters:


  • Vince Varden (Single appearance)
  • Weedy (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "The Seven Wonders of the Underworld!"

A criminal by the name of Vince Varden has gathered a large collection of extraordinary objects that have been used on successful crimes in the past. Varden plans to use the inventions on a large scale criminal spree on Gotham City, but soon he is confronted by Batman and Robin, who have some troubles against the machines. After a few attempts to capture the thugs, they soon find the way to overcome the inventions, capturing Varden and his gang of crooks.

Appearing in "Bruce Wayne's Aunt Agatha!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Rotor Robbers (Single appearance)
  • Raven (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Bruce Wayne's Aunt Agatha!"

Bruce and Dick receive the unexpected visit of Aunt Agatha, who pretends to stay in their home for a week. Her presence complicates their activities as Batman and Robin, but they gladly accept her in their home.

The old woman's belief that Bruce is a meek and fragile young boy threatens to compromise his and Dick's secret identities. When they go out as the Dynamic Duo, Agatha thinks they're heading towards a masquerade party and they play along to keep their secret. When Batman and Robin encounter some criminals and confront them, they are accidentaly captured by the criminals, who are about to eliminate them until they are stopped by the Joker. When the thugs are distracted, Batman and Robin take the chance to break free and capture the criminals and later the "Joker" removes his mask, revealing Aunt Agatha in disguise. She removes Bruce's cowl and tells the criminals that they have been captured by a fragile young boy who was heading to a masquerade party, which she was attending to as well.

After their successful feat, the trio return home and soon enough, Aunt Agatha returns to her home, leaving the Dynamic Duo free to roam the streets of Gotham once again.



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