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"Attack on Wayne Manor": Until this point, Batman had always thought that the best way to know Gotham City was to be on its streets at ground level - to be deep inside it. Recently though, he has learned that it is all too possible to think you know a city insid

Quote1 Get the hell out of my house. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Attack on Wayne Manor"

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Synopsis for "Attack on Wayne Manor"

Until this point, Batman had always thought that the best way to know Gotham City was to be on its streets at ground level - to be deep inside it. Recently though, he has learned that it is all too possible to think you know a city inside and out, but still know nothing at all.

Still injured from his last encounter with the Court of Owls, Bruce looks over a model of the city that he'd built in order to demonstrate his planned urban renewal projects. In the darkness, it seems very much like the city he thought he knew. When Alfred Pennyworth turns on the laser projections indicating the shape of the intended building plans, the light hurts his eyes. Bruce reflects on his scenario - an arrogant fool standing over a toy city, while the real city operates behind his back. Alfred assures him that the Waynes are a long line of arrogant fools, and the real city across the bay is better as a result of their efforts.

Suddenly, a thump on the roof alerts them, and Bruce orders Alfred to get to safety in the cave. Bruce rushes up the stairs, and using his computer-enhanced contact lenses, he looks out the window to see a parliament of owls perched outside of the manor, and he knows that the Talons have come for him. Over his radio earpiece, Alfred struggles to give Bruce any information about just how many attackers there are going to be - because there are more than he can count. As Bruce struggles for his life against his would-be assassins, he loses contact with Alfred, who has just discovered that a Talon has made its way into the Batcave.

Bruce makes his way out onto the roof of the manor, and manages to pin one of the talons to the shingles with a broken weather-vane. Unfortunately, there are still more on his tail. Using a secret latch in the chimney, Bruce escapes down a hidden tunnel into the Batcave.

There, he encounters the intrusive Talon, who muses that Bruce Wayne seems to have a secret. Before the assassin can attack, the Giant Penny nearby suddenly seems to shudder, and then falls down flat on top of the Talon, courtesy of Alfred. The Talon is pinned, and Bruce rips off the owl hood, demanding to know how many more will come. The Talon mockingly announces that there will be enough - not just for Bruce, but for others too. Realizing that he may be able to get more information without the Talon's consent, Bruce breaks his arm and removes the computerized gauntlet he wears.

As even more Talons begin to find their way into the cave, Bruce and Alfred make for the Armoury and its reinforced doors. They know those doors won't hold long, but Bruce hopes that there will be something in there to buy them time. Remembering that the Talons' regenerative functions are heat sensitive, he has Alfred lower the cave's temperature to sub-zero. Additionally, he plucks a computer chip out of the Talon's gauntlet, and hopes that Alfred can decrypt it, and find out what's being planned.

As the Talons pound away on the Armoury's doors, they are surprised to see them opening slowly. Out steps the Batman, in a heavily armoured Batsuit, and he orders them to leave his house.

Appearing in "The Call"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Betty Park (Dies)
  • Bill Keep (Dies)
  • Jan Spitz (Dies)
  • John Lee (Dies)
  • Michael D. Davis (Dies)
  • Miguel Guadalupe (Dies)
  • Valerie Venderman (Dies)




Synopsis for "The Call"

In his reinforced battle armoured Batsuit, Batman faces the assembled Talons - the assassins of the Court of Owls. Meanwhile, Alfred Pennyworth attempts to decrypt the stolen Talon computer chip from within the Armoury.

Alfred is horrified to discover that the chip contains a list of targets including nearly every public figure in Gotham City. Alfred realizes that the lives of Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Hady are in great danger.

Across the city, public figures such as the city comptroller, the deputy sheriff, the county supreme court justice - they are all surprised and murdered by Talons; sentenced to die by the Court of Owls.

In the cave, Batman order Alfred to put out a call to the entire Bat-Family. All of those who are in the area and can help, must go to those on the list and protect them. This will be a difficult task, as the Talons have extraordinary regenerative abilities, and for many of the targets on the list, it may already be too late.

Alfred is startled by banging on the Armoury doors, as the Talons call out that he is targeted for death as well. Sighing, Alfred wishes his charges luck, and prays for their safety.


  • This book was first published on April 18, 2012.
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