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Batman and the Monster Men Vol 1 3


Batman and the Monster Men Vol 1 3

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"Batman and the Monster Men": Batman was examining the massacre that happened at Maroni's hideout and he noticed that some hairs were similar to the ones found in the woman's arm in the sewers. The bodies of the dead were everywhere and Batman called [[James Gordon (N

Quote1 The only rest for your kind on the flat end of a slab...or the deep end of a grave! Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Batman and the Monster Men"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Betty (Single appearance)
  • Carmine Falcone (Behind the scenes)
  • James Gordon (Behind the scenes)
  • Richie Pantone (Appears only as a corpse)




Synopsis for "Batman and the Monster Men"

Batman was examining the massacre that happened at Maroni's hideout and he noticed that some hairs were similar to the ones found in the woman's arm in the sewers. The bodies of the dead were everywhere and Batman called Captain Gordon to tell him about the crime and then he decided to go to Maroni's main place.

Hugo Strange was already at Maroni's and he payed Maroni all the money he borrowed. Maroni was impressed but suspicious and Strange didn't told him that it was his own money, taken from the deceased henchem at the hideout. Batman listened to the entire conversation and when Strange left the place, Batman memorized the car's plate. Maroni then called his boss Carmine Falcone and he told Maroni that he needed to get out of town for a while, because of the recent events. Maroni went to sleep that night and in the middle of the night, Batman entered his bedroom. Maroni was scared and Batman asked him about the massacre in his hideout. Maroni told him that he also wanted to know about it and then he realized how did Strange managed to get the money. Batman left the place and warned Maroni to stop playing games in Gotham.

Back in the Batcave, Bruce used the Batcomputer to find about the car's plate and he found that it belonged to a man named Hugo strange, a former professor of psychiatry at Gotham State University until he was fired for his unethical experiments with human genetics. Bruce learned Strange's adress but it was too late to go out again. Alfred told Bruce that he needed to sleep and he also reminded him of his lunch date with Julie Madison the next day.

Meanwhile, at Strange's hideout, the professor was having trouble controlling his monster men as they seemed to be more agressive towards humans now that they have tasted its flesh.

The next day a couple of Maroni's henchmen paid a visit to Norman Madison and told him to pay in time. Madison told them that he would and also said that if Maroni wanted to say something, to contact him directly and not by his henchmen. They left Madison and threatened him and his daughter just in case.

That night, Julie and Bruce went for a walk in the park but Bruce was much worried for the Strange case that he dismissed the date and left Julie alone in the park.

Later, that night, Batman arrived at the address that was supposedly Strange's place. He sneaked inside the building and found that it had many security measures. Batman finally reached the main room and he found four men inside giant test tubes floating in some unknown liquid. Strange arrived and pointed a gun towards Batman. Batman attacked Strange, disarmed him and questioned him about the men in the tubes. Strange talked to distract Batman until Sanjay, his henchman attacked Batman from behind. Sanjay used a poisoned dart but the cowl protected Batman from most of it. However, the dart made him dizzy and his attackers seized the opportunity to grab him and locked him inside the cell in which they were helding the monsters. Batman slowly recovered just to realize that he was trapped with three monster men in a dark cell with no escape.



  • Maroni states his contempt for district attorney Harvey Dent and promises that one day he will get Dent for meddling in his bussiness. This hints what would happen later in Batman: The Long Halloween.

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