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Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 10

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"The Execution of Black Lightning": While Geo-Force argues with Batman about turning Black Lightning over to the Masters of Disaster, Lightning himself awakens to find hi

Quote1 I'd sacrifice any of you -- and myself -- before I'd let one innocent be harmed. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "The Execution of Black Lightning"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Marcia Shelton (Final appearance)
  • Sam Shelton (Final appearance)


Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The Execution of Black Lightning"

While Geo-Force argues with Batman about turning Black Lightning over to the Masters of Disaster, Lightning himself awakens to find himself immersed in water, and learning the true reason why he was taken by the Masters: They were hired by the mother of Trina Shelton, who was accidentally killed one day when Black Lightning was trying to stop thieves in a subway.

While Batman disguises himself as Matches Malone to get access to the Masters base and provide a distraction, the rest of the Outsiders break in and rescue Black Lightning. During the ensuing battle, Miss Shelton realizes how heroic Black Lightning is and jumps in the way of a blast fired by Heatstroke, taking the damage intended for Black Lightning, finally forgiving him. The Outsiders then force the Masters to retreat.



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