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"Who Wears the Crown of Ra?": In ancient Egypt, Batman and the Outsiders witness Ahk-Ton's conquest against Ramses VIII with the help of his loyal servant Metamorpho, an act which threaten

Quote1 I'm tired of your self-pity, Rex... and I'm tired of your saying I deserve better than you -- and this should prove it: Rex Mason, will you marry me? Quote2
-- Sapphire Stagg

Appearing in "Who Wears the Crown of Ra?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Abdu (high priest)
  • Hor-Aha (Flashback only)
  • Jane Denninger (First appearance)
  • Professor Raeburn (creep)
  • Ramses VIII
  • Saied (Dies)
  • Tiy (Pharaoh's wife)



Synopsis for "Who Wears the Crown of Ra?"

In ancient Egypt, Batman and the Outsiders witness Ahk-Ton's conquest against Ramses VIII with the help of his loyal servant Metamorpho, an act which threatens to change the course of history.

Meanwhile in the present, Halo continues to adjust to her old life as Violet Harper, but finds that her life before becoming amnesiac had made her a lot of enemies. Also Geo-Force's classmate, Denise is offered a scholarship if she agrees to have an affair with her professor. Acting on basic principles, she refuses which causes her to lose the scholarship and after she gets home, she takes a lot of pills to commit suicide.

Back in the past, Batman tricks Metamorpho forcing him to turn into an anesthetic gas compound which Batman deduces was the catalyst that prevented Metamorpho from becoming Ahk-Ton's slave the first time he was granted his powers. The freed Metamorpho helps the Outsiders crush Ahk-Ton's rebellion. When the Outsiders are transported back home, Rex learns from Dr. Jace that his transformation has become permanent. As Metamorpho loses hope for a bright future, Sapphire intervenes and ends their torment by proposing to him and they agree to marry.



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