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Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 2


Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 2

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"Markovia's Last Stand!": Batman, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, and Lucius Fox are the prisoner of Baron Bedlam, who is seeking to reclaim the nation

Quote1 Come with me, all of you. You've nothing to return to... you're all looking for something, and I can help you find it... whether it's the proper way to use your powers... or who you really are... or simply some kind of purpose in your lives! Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Markovia's Last Stand!"

Batman, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, and Lucius Fox are the prisoner of Baron Bedlam, who is seeking to reclaim the nation of Markovia after his family was ousted from power after the Nazi's lost World War II. Leaving his prisoners to aquire similar powers from Dr. Jace as she gave Markovian co-ruler Geo-Force, the heroes manage to pool their resources and break free of their imprisonment.

They then meet up with Katana, Halo and Geo-Force and work togeather to stop Baron Bedlam's army, while Metamorpho rescues Dr. Jace. Geo-Force goes up against Baron Bedlam alone and easily defeats the villain, throwing him to the pesants of Markovia for suitable punishment.

With the battle won, Batman offers the group to return to Gotham City with him to find new purpose and work together as a team, and thus the Outsiders are born.



  • Sgt. Rock makes an unnamed cameo in this issue as one of the men liberating Markovia during World War II. This appearance is verified when Geo-Force later meets Sgt. Rock, and remarks that he will one day liberate Markovia.[1]

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