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"Death and Remembrance": Jane Denniger meets with Tobias Whale in Missouri and they join forces to kidnap Halo, who they believe is still Violet Harper. Whale, with help of Syonide takes Violet and her pare

Quote1 It's not fair they should hurt for what I did! Hurt me if you have to, but it won't do you any good-- I can't remember! Quote2
-- Halo

Appearing in "Death and Remembrance"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Edgar Smalley (police chief)
  • Mark Denninger (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "Death and Remembrance"

Jane Denniger meets with Tobias Whale in Missouri and they join forces to kidnap Halo, who they believe is still Violet Harper. Whale, with help of Syonide takes Violet and her parents to an abandoned warehouse, where he informs them that he needs a secret contained in Violet's memories and that in order to have her reveal the secret, he would torture her parents. Halo sends a signal to the Outisders in Gotham City and they get going to the location where she was taken.

In the meantime, Whale and Denniger explain Violet the reason why she was kidnapped. Months prior, Violet had started a relationship with Mark Denniger, Jane's brother, but she was a bad influence on him, making him accomplice of her various crimes. Eventually, they came across a dying man on the road and Violet retrieved important documents from the man instead of saving him. Violet and Mark learned that the documents contained the secret formula of a drug that was commissioned by Whale and they tried to blackmail the criminal in order to return the documents. Together, Violet and Mark travelled to Europe using false passports and Whale send Syonide to locate them. First, she located Mark, dying of an overdose of drugs and on his dying moments, he told her that Violet was responsible. Later, Syonide found Violet in Markovia and murdered her, making sure she was dead.

The story about her past doesn't bring any memories to Halo's mind and she insists that she doesn't remember a thing. Whale has Doctor Moon analyze her brain and confirms that in fact she doesn't remember a thing. At that moment, the Outsiders arrive and confront Whale and the villains, forcing them to retreat. During the struggle, Syonide attempts to hurt Violet, but she is shot on the arm by Violet's parents, causing the villain to shoot back and kill them. In their dying moments, Violet's parents are glad to know that their daughter has changed her evil ways, but they wish she could remember them. In order to give them happiness during their last moments alive, Halo tells them that she remembers them, even though she doesn't and the Harpers die in peace.


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