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Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 22


Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 22

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"What She is and How She Came to Be!": Batman takes the Outsiders and Helga Jace to what's left of the Justice League Satellite I in order to use the special equipment inside to learn more about [[Gabrielle Doe

Quote1 This place is deader than a politician's conscience. Quote2
-- Black Lightning

Appearing in "What She is and How She Came to Be!"

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Synopsis for "What She is and How She Came to Be!"

Batman takes the Outsiders and Helga Jace to what's left of the Justice League Satellite I in order to use the special equipment inside to learn more about Halo and her origins. Walking among the ruins of the place, the Outsiders notice Batman's bitterness against the Justice League and also the fact that he considers the Outsiders nothing more but means to an end.

Dr. Jace uses the machines to examine Halo's brainwaves, which present some form of strange radiation. Exposing her brain to the same radiation, Halo recovers her memories and she tells them that she was once an Aurakle, one of many sentient light beings that have existed since the dawn of time. The Aurakle was fascinated with organic beings and often tried to keep a close eye on them. Like this, the Aurakle came across planet Earth, where it's attention was drawn by the war in Markovia. There, the Aurakle focused on the woman called Violet Harper, who was killed by Syonide. Intrigued by the sad fate of the human, the Aurakle was drawn closer until its energy was fully transported to her body, combining the two of them into one single entity, who was later called Halo.

At first, the Outsiders are skeptical about Halo's story, but when her eyes turn into multicolor spheres they have to accept the truth. From Halo's eyes come a large number of Aurakles, who seek to recover the entity that was lost when it merged with the human body. The energy creatures attempt to remove the Aurakle from the human body, but they realize that they can't do it without killing one of them for good. Like this, a confrontation starts, but the Outsiders are defeated by the Aurakles, who take away Halo.


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