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Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 24


Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 24

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"I Went to the Animal Fair": The Outsiders go on a day trip at the Gotham Zoo, where Rex Mason and Sapphire will meet with Simon Stagg to discuss the upcoming wedding of Rex and Sap

Quote1 I've got to be by myself for awhile... got to get used to being human... used to living in this body I stole from Violet Harper... I didn't mean to steal it, but I did... and now I can't get out! I've got to learn to live in this body now... ...and someday, I guess, die in it. Quote2
-- Halo

Appearing in "I Went to the Animal Fair"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Fallon (Simon Stagg's business manager)
  • The Liberators (hitmen)
  • Dirk (Single appearance)
  • Johnno (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Java
  • David Harrison (cultist)
  • Kobra (as Brother Abraham)
  • Lady Eve (as Sister Eve)
  • Mr. Johnson (zoo employee)
  • Amy (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "I Went to the Animal Fair"

The Outsiders go on a day trip at the Gotham Zoo, where Rex Mason and Sapphire will meet with Simon Stagg to discuss the upcoming wedding of Rex and Sapphire. Meanwhile, the rest of the Outsiders enjoy a day at the Zoo until the place is attacked by a group of armed mercenaries. Working together, Katana, Black Lightning and Geo-Force stop some of the criminals and save innocent lives while Batman interrogates the crooks and finds out that the responsible for the attack was Simon Stagg's personal assistant, who wanted to murder his boss and claim his empire. When Metamorpho saves Simon from a certain death, Simon finally agrees to let him and his daughter marry, much to Java's dismay.

Meanwhile, Halo continues wandering on her own and decides to stop using her powers as she tries to adapt to her new lifestyle as human. While prowling the streets by herself, she stumbles into a friendly man who takes her and many other people to "Eden", the secret place of a cult, whose leader is a man called Brother Abraham.


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