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This trade paperback collects stories in which Two-Face is the main villain, including the three stories with Harvey Kent as Two-Face from the 40's and the two stories with Harvey Kent as Two-Face from the 50's. Also included is Two-Face's origin story from Countdown #27.

This trade paperback reprints Two-Face stories from the following comic book issues:

(Two-Face Strikes Again! from February, 1954)
(Half an Evil from August, 1971)
(The Face Schism from February, 1996)
(Schismed Faces from March, 1996)
(Face the ɘɔɒᖷ, Part 6 of 8 from July, 2006)
(Two of a Kind from June, 1996)
(The Origin of Two-Face from October, 2007)
(The Crimes of Two-Face from August, 1942)
(The Man Who Led a Double Life from October, 1942)
(The End of Two-Face from October, 1943)
(The Double Crimes of Two-Face! from September, 1952)
(Untitled from 1989)

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