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Batmen of All Nations

Club of Heroes 01
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Batmen of All Nations
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Years ago, when Batman and Robin had recently started, their story spread around the world. Inspired by them, several men around the world took up costumed identities and fought crime.
Information-silk Place of Formation
John Mayhew's island in the Caribbean
Information-silk Place of Defunction
John Mayhew's island in the Caribbean
Quote1 The Batmen of All Nations? None of you even look like bats! Quote2


Brought together by reclusive millionaire John Mayhew, they were given a private island headquarters and a large budget. Together, they became the Club of Heroes. However, the members of the Club were too prone to fight one another, and so they split up, mostly staying out of each other's way.

Years later, after his voyage around the world in the wake of Infinite Crisis, Batman decided to try to reconnect with these heroes.

Returning to the island, the heroes were attacked by the Wingman and John Mayhew, acting at the behest of the Black Glove. Several of the heroes were killed, and ultimately the heroes were left with little closure. However, Batman vowed to bring the villains to justice.


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