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The Batwing, The Batjet, The Bat-Gyro, Whirly-Bat

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The Batplane was the second aereal vehicle used by Batman on his fight against crime.


The first time Batman used the Batplane on a mission, was to stop the Monster Men from destroying the city. This version of the Batplane was very similar to the first Bat-vehicle, the Batgyro, except it didn't have rotor blades on top. The batplane also featured a mechanical gun on the front for aereal combat.[1]

In the beginning, the Batplane was usually placed inside an abandoned barn that was connected to Wayne Manor.[2]

The Batplane had he capability of transforming into a speedboat by retracting its wheels and folding its wings.[3] Shortly after, Batman upgraded the Batplane by making it bigger and added red stripes on the sides of the plane.[4] This model was soon destroyed by some criminals, but it was revealed that there was more than one model in Batman's secret hideout.[5]

For Dick Grayson's ninth birthday, Bruce gave him his own small Batplane, which was an exact replica of the main batplane and it was stored in the same abandoned barn.[6]

New Earth

Taking advantage of the resources of WayneTech's various divisions, notably Wayne Aerospace, Bruce Wayne was able to design modified versions of commercial products for use in his crime-fighting career as Batman. Over the course of several years, there have been numerous versions of the Batplane model.

An early model Batplane was a hybrid fighter jet and helicopter (often referred to as Batplane II). When it became necessary to achieve a higher rate of climb, the helicopter assembly folded down into the fuselage of the craft. Like other versions of the Batplane, Batplane II was equipped with a fully-functioning crime lab, and magnesium flares encased inside of the cone.[citation needed]

As with most of the Bat-Vehicles, the Batplane was capable of following a remote control signal to any location. Batman often used this capability to get away from dangerous situations or simply leave a place quickly.[7]


The Batplane's diverse array of functions have varied with time. Each version of the vehicle has been improved since the its creation.

  • Grapple cable to lift heavy objects.[1][8]

The current Batplane is a modified Wayne Aviation SlipStream ($46 million sans "extras"). It's detailed to resemble a standard mid-size corporate jet during take-offs and landings. Some of its features and capabilities are as follows:

  • At cruising altitude (35,000-45,0000 ft.), telescoping wings retract. Exterior sections of tail and nose-cone envelop cockpit and cabin fuselage for higher altitude pressurization.
  • Gaining further altitude (45,000-55,000 ft.) delta fins in the tail and snub winglets elongate to increase efficiency and stability as speeds approach supersonic.
  • At ceiling altitudes (55,000-60,000 ft.) "smart" paint on exterior radar-shielding ceramics responds to dropping air pressure and temperature, thus camouflaging the Batplane's exterior to stealthy black.
  • Avionics include ergonomic "at-a-glance" viewing levels for all electronics and multifunction displays. The breakaway canopy allows for pilot/co-pilot emergency ejection. The reinforced acrylic glass canopy windows polarize at stealth altitude.



Height: 14.5 ft.
Length: 57.7 ft.
Wingspan: 47.6 ft. - The wings are protected by a bleed-air anti-icing system.


  • Incorporated machine gun.[1]


The following specifications apply to the current model, the Wayne Aviation SlipStream.[9]

Altitude Ceiling: 60,000 ft.
Maximum Speed: 4,400 mph
Range: 2,486 n m
Take-Off Distance: 5,230 ft.
Landing Distance: 2,984 ft.
Payload: 2,670 lb.
Refueling Time: 7.8 minutes
On-Board Equipment: No known on-board equipment.
On-Board Weaponry: The original Earth-Two version of the Batplane, as well as the Batwing version from the Batman movie were equipped with machine guns. In modern continuity (New Earth), it fires rubber bullets.


  • The first mention of a "Batplane" was in the Detective Comics #32. However, this is not the official first apparance, since it was referring to the Batgyro.


  • The Batplane was once used as a Christmas themed vehicle, with presents, a sled rail and a Christmas three incorporated.[10]

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