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Batwoman Vol 2 27

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"Webs: In the Blood": Having been drugged and knocked from the roof of her friend Evan Blake's building, Batwoman must focus if she wants to survive. As she falls, she begins to hallucinate, and finds herself in a dream world where he

Quote1 Kate! Snap out of it! You're running out of time! Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Webs: In the Blood"

Having been drugged and knocked from the roof of her friend Evan Blake's building, Batwoman must focus if she wants to survive. As she falls, she begins to hallucinate, and finds herself in a dream world where her twin sister Beth is dressed as Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Beth urges Kate to take her hand, and leap into a black abyss.

Soon, Kate's mind is filled with horrifying images from her past. She sees her mother and sister running for their lives from the terrorists who would kidnap and kill them. She watches her first serious girlfriend, Josie lie to her superior officers about her sexuality in order to remain at Westpoint Academy, while she herself was thrown out for coming out as a lesbian. She hears her father Jake curse her for duping him out of a legacy.

Her father is then killed by Beth, returned to life as Alice, the leader of the Religion of Crime. Beth claims it is Kate's fault as she continues her descent through her fears and anxieties. Among them are her cousin Bette, who was nearly ripped to pieces because Kate wasn't there to stop it from happening. The horrors continue, until she dreams of Batman warning her of how little time she has left to snap out of it.

Quickly, Kate grabs onto a nearby flag, tearing the fabric and slamming into the side of the building before ripping into an awning below and finally crashing into a pile of garbage, which fortunately breaks her fall. Witnessing the results of his work, Wolf Spider gathers his stolen art and apologizes to Hawkfire - who is only just regaining consciousness - for Batwoman's fall before making a quick exit. Hawkfire, meanwhile, recovers enough to realize that getting ambushed was an amateur move. When she hears the sirens approaching, she can only hope that Kate is alright before getting out of sight.

Wolf Spider returns to his employer, an elderly man named Nathan Grantham, who warns that there are still two more paintings to retrieve for him. Grumpy, and disinterested with having to work for an octogenarian, Wolf Spider returns to work.

Injured, Kate makes her way to a safe place, wriggling out of her uniform, and attempting to clean her wounds. She fumbles around noisily, waking young Jamie Sawyer, who is staying with her mother Maggie, Kate's girlfriend. When the girl follows her curiosity into the hallway, and discovers Kate's discarded uniform, Maggie is roused, and surprised to find Kate in her bathroom.


  • This book was first published on January 22, 2014.
  • This issue names Kate's love interest from Westpoint as "Josie," though historically, it was Sophie Moore.


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