The Beast-Men of Phobus and Diemos (spelled that way throughout the story), sons of Ares, are an Olympian army that was once used to invade the pre-Crisis Paradise Island while it was in another dimension. Ares had been denied the secret of dimensional travel by Hippolyte, and was ready to kill every last Amazon in open warfare to get it.

The first attack by Ares' troops was repulsed, and the Amazons sent a messenger to fetch Wonder Woman on Earth. At this point Diana didn't have her superhuman powers anymore - yet she took command of the Amazons in desperate battle.

Ares then sent the Beast-Men against the Amazons. Their unearthly appearance paralyzed even the indomitable women warriors - until Diana noted that her mentor, a blind human nicknamed I-Ching, seemed completely unaffected. Realizing that not seeing the Beast-Men meant not being affected by them, Diana ordered a blind charge with the Amazons staying behind their shields. Although the battle was difficult and left many Amazons dead, as they were greatly outnumbered by the Beast-Men, it allowed the women to break the ranks of the Beast-Men and ultimately send them into a chaotic retreat. The day was won.

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Habitat: Terrestrial
Gravity: Earth gravity (0.997 32 g)

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