Bedlam was an intergalactic bounty hunter and occasional partner of the mercenary known as Lobo. During the Citadel War, the Earth agent Harry Hokum hired Bedlam, Lobo and a robotic hunter named Berserk to find and capture Queen Kalista of Euphorix. The Citadel required her in order to determine how to disengage the planetary shield that surrounded Euphorix. The crew engaged these Omega Men aboard the team's star cruiser. While Lobo concentrated his efforts on sanctioning Kalista, Bedlam engaged in combat with Kalista's comrade Harpis. Bedlam defeated her, crushing her hands and tearing her wings from back. He kept Harpis' wings as a souvenir of his victory and had them sewn into the outer lining of his cape. Shortly thereafter, Bedlam was hired to capture the Omega Men's interim leader Tigorr, but he failed in this endeavor. Determined to capture him, he later tracked Tigorr and his teammate Primus to Tigorr's home world of Karna. He disabled their cruiser, forcing them to crash into the jungles. While hunting them, Bedlam had to avoid being mauled by a wide variety of Karnan wildlife. As he prepared to get the drop on both Tigorr and Primus, the severed wings attached to his cloak began to move on their own. The wings flew off of their own accord, spoiling Bedlam's balance, forcing him to fall into a ravine. Bedlam survived the fall, but swore revenge against the Omega Men.