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Originally the bodyguard to Triad Leader, Tiger One-Eye, Benny Lo would leave the Triad to go into business with his best friend and Partner Johnny Chang. After finding Johnny dead and getting no help from his Uncle Chun Yee, The Police Chief of Hong Kong, and the police or the Triad he decided he had to find Johnny's killer himself by walking in the shadow between justice and vengeance. After seeing Batman having a secret meeting with Chief Yee he follows him to his next meeting with Tiger One-Eye, impressed at how Batman was able to stand up to the gang leader despite his reputation. Benny followed Batman back to the hotel that Bruce Wayne is staying at, but soon realized that he would not go out when the sun was up, spending the following day preparing his own costume to follow Batman's example.


Night-Dragon has no powers


Benny's years of training with his uncles have granted him combat expertise similar to Bruce Wayne's own skills as Batman.


As Night-Dragon, he uses nunchuks in battle as effective weapons.


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