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Benjamin Asplin was an orphan adopted by the Asplins along with Sandra Asplin. His childhood was troubled by an abusive father who would always beat his step-sister. They would eventually discover the effects of their combined powers. Benjamin's telekinesis would amplify Sandra`s healing powers and they started healing kids at their school and injured animals. One night, when their father was ready to beat them they discovered that their powers could work backwards as they killed the elder Asplin with their powers turned to hate and damaging instead of healing.

After those events they stopped using their powers and when they were of age, they went their separate paths; Sandra Asplin changed her name to Shondra Kinsolving and traveled to Gotham City and obtained a degree as a physiotherapist. Benjamin Asplin changed his name to Benedict Asp. At the age of 25 he started to work as a freelance espionage agent. He had a contract with Russian intelligence as he worked for a year as a freelance psionic consultant. He planned to develop a weapon that would be used to kill people using mainly telekinesis. Asp bought a property in England at the Monkleigh Village. He then kidnapped Shondra and used her abilities for evil. Asp revealed Shondra's healing powers and, along with his own psychic abilities, used her to telekinetically kill the entire village. Bruce Wayne was recovering from his broken back when he tracked down. Bruce and Asp then fought for Shondra's freedom. Shondra was mentally unstable and she killed Benedict using her powers to protect Bruce. She then healed him and restored his broken back.



  • Psionic Amplifier Helmet


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