Discontent with the way he his life was going, Benjamin Krullen decided to join the US Army. One night, during guard duty at a top secret government project, he was seriously injured. In order to keep Krullen alive, the scientist in charge of the project gave him a special suit, the StarSuit.[1]

Reactron became a member of the Nuclear Legion alongside Professor Radium, Geiger, Mister Nitro and Neutron. The Nuclear Legion was hired by the Secret Society of Super Villains to invade Blüdhaven and assist the Nuclear Family in recovering the source of a radiation leak. While there, the group fought the new Atomic Knights.[2]

Reactron later went on to become a thorn in the side of Supergirl. He fought against her on more than one occasion, but Supergirl was never able to stop him for good.

A short while later, Reactron was recruited by General Sam Lane as part of a special contingent to deal with threats of an extraterrestrial nature. He was outfitted with a piece of Gold Kryptonite and partnered with renowned Superman villain Metallo. The two began wreaking havoc in the streets of Metropolis with the sole intent of drawing out random Kryptonians who had recently arrived on the planet Earth. Upon doing so, they followed the Kryptonians back to their home in the Arctic, New Krypton, and began laying siege to the city. During the battle, Reactron killed Supergirl's father, Zor-El. [3]

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