Bertron was an alien scientist who operated on the planet Krypton many thousands of years ago. He sought to create the ultimate life form. His first experiments however failed, but Betron cultivated cells from the dead experiment and infused them into his next test subject. This subject also died, but Betron, undeterred, repeated the process over and over again. Ultimately, after forty years of work and multiple test subjects, his experiments were met with success.

The life form, possessing the genetic memory of its predecessors, had adapted beyond the previous experiments and was now immune to being killed by any process that had been used before. Unfortunately, Bertron failed to take into account that "Doomsday", bio-genetically designed to be the ultimate survivor, would kill all that it considered a threat, which included the beings responsible for its multiple deaths when the 'prototypes' were created. Furthermore, he had not considered what to do with Doomsday after his experiment was deemed a success. Although Bertron pleaded with Doomsday that his genius had made Doomsday what it now was, trying to convince the creature not to kill its 'father', Doomsday slaughtered Bertron and escaped from the arid wastelands of Krypton.