"But Bork Can Hurt You!": This story is reprinted from Brave and the Bold #81.

Appearing in "But Bork Can Hurt You!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bork (First appearance)
  • Milo Manning (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • President of African Nation (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "But Bork Can Hurt You!"

This story is reprinted from Brave and the Bold #81.

When mercenary for hire named Bork arrives in Gotham City and realizes that he's mysteriously invulnerable, he begins a campaign to take over the city, even besting Batman in combat. While Batman is trying to stop Bork and his followers, Batman sends the Flash on a quest to find the source of Bork's power.

Flash finds it in a wooden statue carved into Bork's likeness, however it appears to be equally invulnerable. Running it straight through the sun however destroys it. With the source of Bork's power destroyed, Batman is able to defeat him in single combat. Bork is then turned over to the authorities.


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