"And Hellgrammite Is His Name!": This story is reprinted from Brave and the Bold #80.

Appearing in "And Hellgrammite Is His Name!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Hellgrammite (First appearance)
  • Turk Trask (mob lord) (Single appearance)

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Synopsis for "And Hellgrammite Is His Name!"

This story is reprinted from Brave and the Bold #80.

Newsman Jack Ryder (secretly the Creeper) approaches Batman with information that the criminal Hellgrammite is in Gotham City. This revelation leads to Batman and the Creeper working together to stop the mammoth crook from his bid to eliminate prominent gang members. Unfortunately, Creeper is a wanted criminal and this proves troublesome when the Gotham City Police Department starts hunting down the Creeper.

Battling the Hellgrammite throughout Gotham, the duo locate him in the Gotham subway system where they down Hellgrammite with a combination of a fire extinguisher and the electrified third rail. After the Hellgrammite's defeat, the Creeper makes his escape to avoid his own arrest at the hands of the Gotham PD and Hellgramite is brought to justice by an amazed Commissioner Gordon.


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