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Plastique is a Canadian political activist and terrorist with the ability to generate explosive blasts. This has made her an enemy to heroes like Captain Atom and Firestorm, but she has also worked on the side of heroes at times.


In her first public appearance, Plastique attempted a suicide bombing against the New York Herald-Express with a set of bombs attached to her costume, only to have the original Firestorm disarm her by vaporizing her clothes, leaving her naked and while Firestorm took the bombs to explode in a safer area.

Later, via genetic modification commissioned by her organization, Plastique gained the power to project explosive force from her body. Later, Plastique and the group she had gathered for this particular attempted to destroy the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa and the Statue of Liberty in New York City, as well as personally attempting the assassinations of the American President and Canadian Prime Minister. The bombings of the two landmarks were thwarted, and Plastique herself personally captured on live international television, by Captain Atom.

Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller recruits Plastique to become a member of her new Suicide Squad. In exchange for working as a secret government agent, she will receive a full pardon for her crimes. Plastique takes an instant dislike to Captain Boomerang, who sexually harasses her and then berates her when she rejects his advances.[1] They are sent to kill the terrorist group Jihad in Qurac, and Plastique is tasked with destroying their super-soldier labs. Plastique visits their leader Mushtaq and tries to betray the Suicide Squad, explaining that they mistook her for a criminal when she is actually a revolutionary. Mushtaq is revealed to be Nemesis in disguise. Nemesis knocks Plastique out after she warns Qurac's President Marlo to escape.[2] Doctor Moon and Karin Grace are later seen erasing Plastique's memory, so she cannot reveal the Suicide Squad's existence.[3]

Captain Atom Project

Plastique then became a mercenary who actually reformed, subsequently earning a pardon from the United States for her crimes there based on services rendered to the "Captain Atom Project", as well as a somewhat more subdued response along similar lines from the Canadian authorities.


Plastique then became engaged to Captain Atom, although the engagement was effectively broken in the wake of events of Armageddon: 2001. Following his reappearance the engagement was renewed and Plastique was invited into the ranks of the "Extreme Justice" faction of the Justice League, and celebrated a bachelorette party.

Signalman informed Black Lightning, that Plastique had teamed with the Electrocutioner in a partnership known as the Bomb Squad. The duo has subsequently been among a series of costumed villains that had disappeared, seemingly into thin air. Bette resurfaced as a member of the Suicide Squad after the incident with Captain Atom in Bludhaven. Apparently, she and her husband were separated, leading her to develop a "devil may care" attitude.


During the 34th week of the series 52, Plastique and the Electrocutioner appeared as part of a Suicide Squad operation against Black Adam. She later appeared, in opposition of an illegal incarnation of the Suicide Squad.


In Countdown, she again appeared with the Suicide Squad to apprehend Trickster and Pied Piper.

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  • Demolitions: Plastique has advanced knowledge of the intricacies and use of demolition weaponry.


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