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Bibbo Bibbowski is a toughy guy with a heart of gold living in Metropolis, and Superman's greatest fan. He is a former championship boxer, but has also spent a long period of time as a fisherman.
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Tavern owner; former boxed

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Quote1 I don't need a costume to do what's right! I'm the heavy-weight champ of the world! Quote2
-- Bibbo Bibbowski


"Bibbo" Bibbowski met Superman when he was looking for information in a Suicide Slum bar called the Ace O'Clubs. Bibbo, thinking this was "some clown in a Superman suit" punched Superman, and damaged his hand. He gained respect for the Man of Steel because "yer tough". He would later refer to Superman as his "fav'rit".

Bibbo was a longshoreman and former boxer, and he was well-meaning but not too bright. His admiration for Superman seemingly remained based on physical strength, briefly being transferred to Lobo when the Czarnian appeared tougher.

He found a winning lottery ticket, and used the money to buy the Ace O' Clubs and help those living in the Slum.

Bibbo briefly created an alternative identity for himself after Superman's death. He temporarily named himself Superdood in hopes of helping fight crime while Superman was away.

Professor Bibbowski was Bibbo's pacifistic scientist brother.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Boxing: Bibbo Bibbowski was once a professional boxer and as such he can more than handle himself in a fight. Bibbo usually employs his boxing talents breaking up barroom brawls at the Ace of Clubs.



Bibbo rides a blue Charlie Davidson motorcycle with matching sidecar. Like most of Bibbo's decor, the motorcycle is decorated with various Superman decals.[1]


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