Billy Numerous was a student of H.I.V.E. Academy who eventually went solo. He first encountered the Teen Titans during a bank robbery in Jump City, where he used his replicating abilities to defeat them. Cyborg, who at that time was testing out the new Maximum-7 processor on his internal systems, found Billy difficult to defeat personally, even as his systems were slowly becoming overloaded by too much power focused on powering the processor. Eventually, he defeated Billy by generating multiple copies of himself and his fellow Titans members through the use of holograms. Billy joined the H.I.V.E. Five and used his replicating abilities to have Kid Flash run through a changing maze of duplicates.


  • Bio-Fission: Billy Numerous can generate multiple copies of himself at will.

Strength level

With his multiple copies, Billy is even able to transport bridges to other locations.


  • Power Limitation: There is an upper limit to how many copies he can generate, and when that limit is reached, any attempt to go beyond that will force the multiple copies to fuse back unto himself.



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