Alfred narrates the beginning which starts at the town, New Gotham. A war between Batman and The Joker was being fought in the city. In the final battle, Batman defeated Joker. Joker took revenge by paralyzing his protege, Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl from the waist down and killed his wife, Selina

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--Dinah Lance

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Alfred narrates the beginning which starts at the town, New Gotham. A war between Batman and The Joker was being fought in the city. In the final battle, Batman defeated Joker. Joker took revenge by paralyzing his protege, Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl from the waist down and killed his wife, Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman in front of their daughter, Helena Kyle. A young girl named Dinah Lance saw the whole thing through her dream and her screaming alarmed her mother. 7 years later, Dinah is on her way to New Gotham to find answers. A boy sits next to her and asked her where she is heading. The boy introduces himself as Jerry. She tells him she's looking for the young girl from her dreams. Meanwhile, Barbara, in a wheelchair, is hanging posters in her classroom when a man walks in. The man introduces himself as Wade Brixton. The 2 begin talking about Shakespeare and it ends with Wade asking her out. She accepts but then her phone rings and tells her to get to their base, the Clock Tower. Barbara politely cancels the date but promises to make it up to him and the heads off. Barbara finds out a man was killed by jumping out a 2-story window. She tries to contact Helena but she is in her therapy session with Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Dr. Quinzel tries to talk with Helena but she keeps trying to end the session and go home. Dr. Quinzel reveals she knows about Helena's mother's death. Helena reveals she never knew her father until know and says that its Bruce Wayne. Helena then says that Bruce never knew about Helena and she is still angry at him to this day. She says her mother's death changed her into someone she wasn't meant to be. Dinah and Jerry gets off the bus and Jerry gives her an address and heads off. Dinah then sees a man jump in front of bus and dies. Dinah runs to the dying man and he grasps her hand. Dinah finds herself and the man in a dreamworld with rats surrounding them. She lets go of the hand and is out of the dreamworld and then sees the man next to the suicide man on the bench and then disappears. That night, Detective Jesse Reese and his partner, McNally ask her some questions and then send Dinah on her way. Jesse and McNally then start to get an argument about their beliefs. Jesse believes that something weird is going on and McNally believes it to be nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, at the local bar, Helena is working her shift as a bartender. Barbara arrives and asks where she was. Helena then gets in a speech about the down side to being a hero. Barbara ignores her and sends her into the night as Huntress. Dinah then goes to the address Jerry gave her only to get chased by Jerry. Jerry pins her to a wall only for Dinah to be saved by Huntress. Dinah recognized Huntress as the girl from her dream and grabs her hand and finds her hideout in a clock tower. Huntress gets a bit weird-ed out and runs off. Back at Barbara's apartment, Barbara looks at the computer and thinks the victims were running away while Huntress complains about having nothing to eat. An alarm goes off, there is an intruder in the clock tower. The intruder is Dinah. Dinah wakes up on a couch after Huntress knocks her out and recognized Barbara from her dream. Dinah explains her strange powers and dreams. Barbara runs a test on her and finds out Dinah is a metahuman like Helena. As soon as Dinah finds out about her abilities and asks to join the Birds. They refuse but when Dinah tells them she's a runaway, they talk it over and after that, Huntress goes out and Barbara agrees to let Dinah stay for the night. Dinah wakes up and Alfred is at her side. Alfred introduces himself and gives her some new clothes. Dinah then goes to shower and Alfred tells Barbara he bought groceries for her apartment. Alfred talks to Barbara about wanting Helena to live in Wayne Manor because she is the heir to the Wayne fortune but Barbara says Helena doesn't want anything to do with Bruce. Dinah comes out of the shower and tells Barbara what happened when the guy jumped in front of the bus. Helena is at Dr. Harleen Quinzel's the next day and talks about her dad. She tells her about her dad's "hobby" and how she blames him for her mom's death and how Barbara took her in. Harley sends her with the question, did Barbara take her in for her or herself. Dinah and Barbara talk about the man's death and how it might involve a metahuman back at the Clock Tower. When Dinah mentions a phoenix, Barbara finds Phoenix Industries and how they plan to rebuild the dockyards. She finds that the men murdered were one of 4 business men working to rebuild the dockyards. Oracle sends Huntress to one of the business men's house to warn him only to find him hung and dead. Reese arrives and instantly blames Huntress for the man's death and handcuffs her to a statue. Reese questions her but she refuses to answer. When Reese pulls a gun on her, Huntress escapes but not before saying they are on the same side. Huntress reports back to the Clock Tower and finds out the next victim is Larry Ketterly, a man who used to live next door to her. Oracle sends Dinah to the dockyards and Huntress goes to warn Larry but is quickly spotted by him. He invites her in. Dinah falls through the floor and thanks to directions from Oracle via communicator, she goes down a mysterious hallway that Oracle remembers from the war between Batman and Joker. Barbara explains her origin to Dinah. Ketterly explains to Helena about wanting to rebuild the dockyards and finds out that Helena is here to protect him. Dinah finds a desk meaning someone has been here. Oracle now knows Ketterly is the killer. She and Dinah rush over and manage to weaken Ketterly thanks to Oracle but its too late, Huntress is under his spell and she is stabbing herself, going to kill herself. Dinah and Oracle enter her mind because of Dinah's powers. In the dreamworld, Barbara is standing and in her Batgirl costume. Barbara manages to snap Helena out but Ketterly enters her mind and manages to handicap Barbara again and about to kill her. Huntress saves her and after a lengthy battle, she accidentally stabs him. The 3 exit her mind and find Ketterly in a trance on the floor. They send him to Arkam Asylum. There, he is visited by Dr. Quinzel. She reveals that she is the one who hired him and planning to rebuild the Dockyards. She expresses her disappointment by knocking him out. At the Clock Tower, Barbara and Helena watch the dockyards getting bulldozed on TV and allows Dinah to stay as long as she attends school and practices her powers and combat skills. At night, Helena and Barbara sit on the patio, watching the stars. Helena tells her she worries about not being any good as Barbara was as Batgirl, Barbara tells her to be herself and then tells her how she was cooler than her at her age. Helena then says "I know".


  • In the original unaired pilot, the role of Doctor Quinzel was played by Sherilyn Fenn.


  • Although Roger Stoneburner played the part of the Joker in the flashback scenes, the voice work was done by actor Mark Hamill. Hamill is more popularly known for his portrayal of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • The tagline for this program is "Batman's little girl is all grown up".

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Character Actor
HuntressAshley Scott
OracleDina Meyer
Dinah LanceRachel Skarsten
Jesse ReeseShemar Moore
Alfred PennyworthIan Abercrombie
Harleen QuinzelMia Sara
Lawrence KetterlyChris Ellis
Detective McNallyBrent Sexton
JerryAaron Paul
BatmanBruce Thomas
CrowleyJoe Lala
JokerRoger Stoneburner and Mark Hamill (voice)

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