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Birds of Prey Vol 1 27


Birds of Prey Vol 1 27

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"Officer Down, Part Three: Armed and Dangerous": At St. Luke's hospital, where James Gordon is still unconscious following his shooting, Batman orders his associates to track down [[Selina Kyle (New Earth)|Catwoman

Quote1 That's it then? We do your bidding and you get to wallow in grief? Maybe you'd better think about changing your specialty, Bruce. You don't handle the 'grieving thing' well. Quote2
-- Barbara Gordon

Appearing in "Officer Down, Part Three: Armed and Dangerous"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jordan Rich
  • Tony Sparkles (Single appearance)
  • Eddie Plenty
  • Billy Ray (Single appearance)
  • Biggs (Single appearance)
  • Sir Anthony Hastings (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Officer Lowell
  • Lenny (a security guard) (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Officer Down, Part Three: Armed and Dangerous"

At St. Luke's hospital, where James Gordon is still unconscious following his shooting, Batman orders his associates to track down Catwoman, their only lead in the case thus far. Even Barbara, James' daughter, is ordered to leave, while Batman remains behind, a circumstance that both Barbara and Alfred criticize him for. Meanwhile, Mike Akins breaks the news to an unimpressed Major Crimes Unit that he has been appointed acting Commissioner and that Bock will be heading up the investigation into the shooting. The officers looking into it get no leads whatsoever from potential eyewitnesses - no-one in the area saw or heard a thing, it would seem.

Batman's associates - Batgirl, Nightwing, Azrael and Robin, seek out Catwoman's known associates and take a more aggressive approach than usual to gather information, each of them uncovering suggestions that Catwoman may have set her sights on the priceless Morayaki Emeralds, on loan to the Burnley Museum from Rheelasia. Staking out the museum, they spot a woman infiltrating it, but when they corner her, they discover that it is not Catwoman after all, but her friend Harley Quinn. Assuring them that Catwoman is not responsible, Harley extracts a promise that they will not hurt her friend before telling them where she is hiding - an old papermill. The heroes rush off, but not before Batgirl delivers a punishing blow to Harley, who was not covered by the promise.



  • Barbara 'Oracle' Gordon is the only 'Bird of Prey' who appears in this issue, which has no connection with any of the series' regular plots.

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