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in: Mike Carlin/Executive Editor, Phil Noto/Cover Artist, Chuck Dixon/Writer Rick Leonardi/Penciler, Rodney Ramos/Inker, Jesse Delperdang/Inker, Wildstorm FX/Colourist, Albert DeGuzman/Letterer, Matt Idelson/Editor, Lysa Hawkins/Editor, Barbara Gordon (New Earth)/Quotes, Birds of Prey (New Earth)/Appearances, Dinah Laurel Lance (New Earth)/Appearances, Barbara Gordon (New Earth)/Appearances, Stephanie Brown (New Earth)/Appearances, Theodore Kord (New Earth)/Appearances, Sasha Bordeaux (New Earth)/Appearances, Kalibak (New Earth)/Appearances, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Gotham Clock Tower/Appearances, Blackgate Penitentiary/Appearances, Gotham Gazette/Appearances, Bruce Wayne: Murderer?, Comics, 2002, 2002, March, January 16, 2002 (Publication), 2002, January (Publication), Birds of Prey Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Birds of Prey Vol 1 39


Birds of Prey Vol 1 39

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"The Gun": Blue Beetle finds himself fighting against Kalibak and in the middle of the fight, he stops to rescue a little girl from being killed by a blow from Kalibak. However, the feat caused Blue Beetle to get in the way of a car that cras

Quote1 Did you know that the gun used in the murder of Vesper Fairchild is registered to Bruce Wayne? Quote2
-- Barbara Gordon

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Synopsis for "The Gun"

Blue Beetle finds himself fighting against Kalibak and in the middle of the fight, he stops to rescue a little girl from being killed by a blow from Kalibak. However, the feat caused Blue Beetle to get in the way of a car that crashes against him and knocks the air out of Blue Beetle.

Moments later, Ted Kord goes to Oracle's Watchtower and she reports the events to Barbara and she is worried about Ted's health and he admits having issues when on duty. Barbara gets Ted a medical appointment for the next day and as soon as Ted leaves the place, Barbara contacts Black Canary and tells her that they must start investigating the murder of Vesper Fairchild and Barbara sends Dinah to Vesper's place looking for any sort of clues.

The next day, Ted goes to the hospital and the doctors tell him that his heart's condition is critical and that he must not do any activity that might cause his heart to get excited, leaving Ted no option but to put Blue Beetle on hiatus.

Meanwhile, Black Canary gets into Vesper's place and finds that it has been turned upside down by someone else. She finds pictures of people attacked to some codes that matches the codes of some tape recordings. Dinah listens to one of the recordings and she discovers that they are all interviews that Fairchild was making to people, investigating about Batman.

At that moment, Barbara is talking to Sasha Bordeaux at Blackgate Penitentiary and she offers her services as lawyer. Sasha is unwilling to cooperate and Barbara gets exhasperated. She reveals the information she found about the gun that was used to kill Vesper and she tells the truth to Sasha, who wasn't aware that the weapon belonged to Bruce Wayne. In the end they can't reach an agreement and Barbara leaves Blackgate with nothing but contempt for Bordeaux.

Moments later, Dinah contacts Barbara and tells her all the info she found at Fairchild's place and suddenly the situation starts to make sense to her. She realizes that Vesper was investigating about Batman and then she is killed at Wayne Manor with Bruce's own gun. Barbara is horrified to think about it. However, Black Canary doesn't understand and she attacks the person who was trying to sneak behind her. It is Stephanie Brown, aka as Spoiler. She tells Dinah that since Batman has disappeared and she has nowhere else to go, she would like to tag along with her for the time being. Barbara doesn't like the situation and Dinah reminds her about a certain young hero who also looked up to Black Canary as a role model. Oracle allows Spoiler to stay but Spoiler is just confused about the whole situation.



  • Dinah reminds Barbara how she looked up to Black Canary when she started out in crime fighting. This is best portrayed in Batgirl: Year One.

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This comic issue is a part of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer? and Bruce Wayne: Fugitive story that went through every Batman Family title in 2002. Bruce Wayne was framed for the murder of his love interest Vesper Fairchild and forced to go on the run from the law so he could prove his innocence. This adventure almost completely compromised his identity from the inside.

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