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The underworld of Miami Florida was controlled by the powerful Del Toro Family -- a family of vampires. The patriarch of the family, Eduardo Del Toro, Sr., was murdered, calling into question who would become heir to the Del Toro legacy. Among Eduardo's children was his oldest son, Eduardo, Jr., his daughter, Risa, and his youngest son, Leto - a vampire priest. Although Leto had been estranged from his family for more than two years, Eduardo Sr.'s will named him head of the crime family. Leto was at odds with his conflicting duties to both his family and the church, but he set aside taking over the Del Toro family business until he could deterine who had murdered his father.

Compounding the investigation was the sudden appearance of Leto's former girlfriend, Carrie Stein, who had likewise developed a relationship with Leto's sister, Risa. While Carrie sought to rekindle old passions, Leto found himself a rival in the form of Victor Sanchez who challenged his authority to lead the family.

The murderer of Eduardo Del Toro, Sr. was revealed to be Monsignor Declan Kelly, Leto's superior in the Catholic church.

A spurned Carrie Stein turned Leto over to the Vampire Crime Unit, an organization that, as its name suggests deals exclusively with vampire-related crimes. Risa Del Toro killed Leto shortly after his release, enabling his brother to assume control of the family.




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