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A Kryptonian spaceship crashed in the metropolis, and Dr. Light was to investigate what was inside it, but she was attacked by Bizarro-Girl, the ship's traveler [1] She has kidnapped many of Supergirl's friends that tried to stop her. When she and Supergirl fight it is revealed her powers are opposite to that of Supergirl's. She manages to freeze Supergirl as a stone statue with the opposite of X-ray vision, rock vision. [2]

Bizarro-girl is just a regular Bizarro from Bizarro World that was sent in a rocket along with Bizarro #1 to escape from something known as a Godship which was attacking their planet. She went underground and was about to eat Jimmy Olsen when Supergirl manages to free herself and the two fight. Supergirl punches her out of the city and uses solar radiation to stop her. Supergirl then decided to take Bizarro-Girl back to her own planet instead of having her suffer on Earth. [3] The duo returns to Htrae to find monsters attacking the planet using the Godship as a medium of travel. The Bizarro Justice League and many other "Krypt-Zarros" are fighting the creatures to no avail. When Bizarro-Girl demonstrates a "Rock-Breath" power, Supergirl tries her best to get Bizarro-Girl to cooperate and help against the Godhood. However, Bizarro-Girl is extremely scared, and flees to Htrae's version of the Fortress of Solitude. Supergirl finds her having the same self-doubt she herself initially had before becoming a superhero. Bizarro-Girl asks if "Self-Punishment ends." Supergirl replies saying no, but it can be lived with. Supergirl promises to "be scared" so that Bizarro-Girl can be brave. The duo return to Htrae as Bizarro-Girl freezes the creatures with her Rock-Breath. After the battle, she and Bizarro bid Supergirl farewell.




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